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Unique Options for Retaining Wall Coping in Your Toronto Landscape

Toronto is a city brimming with beautiful architecture, including residential properties lush with landscaping and style. Retaining wall finishes and coping can further enhance your landscape and speak volumes about your taste and style, no matter the type of atmosphere you’d like to set. As well as providing a refined finish, coping plays a role in ensuring protection for the top surface of your wall and can contribute to a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere when doubling as additional seating.
If you’re looking to make retaining walls a part of your landscape remodel in Toronto, Ontario, here are some unique options to consider.

To Make a Grand Statement

Many of Toronto’s homes have lasted centuries and Unilock’s Siena Stone Coping can help lend this historic look to your home or enhance an already historic setting. If your home’s architecture speaks of grandeur and class, you’ll want the coping on your retaining walls to reflect the same, by giving your landscaping the look of aged natural stone. Long, sweeping walls capped with Siena Stone Coping provide a distinctly dramatic profile. When used in conjunction with the Siena Stone wall system, the flat, heavyweight blocks ensure extreme load bearing capability for tiered retaining walls and large scale projects.
Siena Stone coping features a smooth top surface with textured sides, making them ideal for incorporating low wall seating or simply providing a seamless finish for your retaining walls. With lifetime durability guaranteed, your retaining walls are sure to be timeless in both aesthetic and longevity. Multiple color options in this range ensure a precise match for any project.

For Universal Appeal

Some properties are best accented by retaining walls, steps, and benches with neutral colors that expand the color options of the surrounding features. Suitable for interchangeable use with most wall block systems, Ledgestone Coping can be paired with either bold or neutral hardscaped features. The two color options, Buff and Grey ensure that Ledgestone is an excellent option for fitting the aesthetic of most design styles and color schemes. The Buff color option, for example, provides a gentle highlight for retaining walls, while Gray lends itself to enhancing the richness of the surrounding environment.
Ledgestone offers a rugged elegance and can bring the rich look of hand-carved stone into any landscaping project. It’s broad, flat surface and pitched edges are also ideal for wall seating, wide steps and pillars.

For Other Coping Needs

Coping isn’t just required on retaining walls, but can benefit a staircase or pool surround in all the same ways. It provides a protective ledge against sharp edges, and caps the surface to protect against weather and other beatings. For a uniform look, ensure that matching coping is used for all necessary vertical features.
For a sleek capping for surfaces like pool walls, steps, and pillars, choose a coping that has a smooth, rounded edge and durability to withstand harsh conditions. Brussels Fullnose Coping comes in a range of dark, light, warm, and cool tones to coordinate with existing coping and hardscaped features.

The title image features a low seating wall built from Brussels Dimensional Stone with Ledgestone Coping.

Unique Options for Retaining Wall Coping in Your Toronto Ontario Landscape

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