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Unilock Stone Pavers vs. Traditionally Sourced Stone for Westchester County, NY, Backyards

Unlike verifiably sourced natural stone, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone offers Westchester County, NY, homeowners the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their stone landscaping projects are built using only the highest quality natural stone that is covered by the Unilock Lifetime Guarantee. Because natural stone can be such an important investment in the longevity and aesthetic of your landscape, the backing of a trusted and reliable stone supplier and manufacturer is absolutely pivotal. Here’s how Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone ensures satisfaction for homeowners and contractors alike:

Natural Stone from Unilock

You’ll find that these materials are guaranteed and treated to ensure durability even with extreme temperature changes and weather challenges. Moreover, these stones are cut carefully and treated with an assortment of processes. Unilock offers two styles of Limestone and one of Sandstone, all of which are quarried ethically in Europe and Asia.

Unilock Limestone

The fine grain and subtle coloring of Limestone is synonymous with luxurious outdoor settings. In addition to its refined, natural characteristics, Unilock Limestone is enhanced with a number of surface treatments aimed to seal, protect and strengthen the stone. Limestone is available in the colors of Black River, Hearthstone, Winter Mist, and Midnight Shadow. Offered in thirteen different pieces of varying dimensions, widths, and purposes, this material will add convenient installation and quality aesthetic to your landscaping plans.

Unilock Limestone – Renaissance Gold

The other limestone option offered by Unilock is of the Renaissance Gold variety. This stone is naturally quarried in India and has the color focus that is greatly red, brown, and grey, with a range of color blends, all subtle and high quality. While only offered in a thin slab, this limestone option works for those who dislike the darker tones of the other limestone option.

The title image features a pool patio paved with Limestone Renaissance Gold from Unilock.


Unilock Sandstone

From thin 0.875” thick slabs to 5.875” thick pieces that are appropriate for steps and pillars, look to Unilock Premium Quality Sandstone. Unilock takes careful steps during processing to treat, cut, and calibrate each individual piece. This natural stone from Unilock comes in many different colors, consisting of Autumn Harvest, Indian Coast, and Stone Cliff Grey and, by special order, Greyfield, Niagara Valley, Prairie Rose, and Silver Birch. The coarser, sand-like grain of Sandstone is ideal for beachy settings and relaxed, naturalistic patio designs.

Traditionally Sourced Stone

Without the confidence of a Unilock order, your stone doesn’t offer the reassurances given with Unilock materials. With the Unilock guarantee of quality, ethical standards of quarrying, as well as surface treatments, you can rest assured that your supply of natural stone is in good hands. When you know where your materials come from and what goes into their processing, you can have full confidence in them. Beyond these reasons, Unilock offers the Unilock Authorized Contractor program – certified contractors who uphold the highest standards of practice and who will install your Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into the sourcing and processing of our stone.

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Unilock Stone Pavers vs. Traditionally Sourced Stone for Westchester County, NY, Backyards

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