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Unilock Products that Paving Contractors Recommend for Styling Your Driveway in Traverse City


Up until fairly recently, driveways were considered more an extension of the street than an extension of the landscape. But the design of your driveway should no longer be overlooked. With Unilock, you can combine two or three different pavers or different colors and textures to create the captivating design your outdoor space deserves. Here are some of the most popular Unilock products that contractors recommend for a stylish driveway in Traverse City, MI:

The Natural Look of Granite with Umbriano

By recreating the natural look and feel of granite, Umbriano pavers will transform the entire style of your home, for the better. This paver offers a unique mottled surface, and its non-slip, stain resistant and fade-resistant surface make it ideal for driveways. Cracks, color fading, and holes are an asphalt driveways’ biggest enemies, but with Umbriano, as with all Unilock pavers, you can be assured of the durability and strength of your driveway. Manufactured using EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes, Umbriano is highly resistant to fading because its top layer prevents lighter colored aggregates from showing through. Color Fusion technology gives the paver a natural granite-like appearance, while Easy Clean Stain Resistance protects the driveway from stains.

With its smooth yet non-slip surface texture, Umbriano in Midnight Sky or Summer Wheat is like a breath of fresh air for a home’s front entrance and driveway. To balance out the look of the driveway with more rustic textures, an Umbriano driveway can be bordered with more textured pavers, such as Copthorne in Burgundy Red or Basalt.




Flagstone Elegance with Thornbury or Richcliff

The natural stone-look dominates today’s trends in driveway design, and with Unilock pavers, you can achieve this organic look and feel. Thornbury pavers come in three sizes which, when combined, create a pleasing, random look. These pavers are manufactured using EnduraColor Facemix Technology, a proprietary two-step process that gives the paver a strong foundation and a highly fade-resistant surface. Thornbury comes in three colors, including Bavarian, Birch, and Sierra. With its modestly textured surface, it’s the ideal paver for creating a welcoming driveway and front entrance.

Richcliff pavers also recreate the natural look of flagstone, providing a luxurious appeal that simply can’t be achieved with materials such as poured concrete or asphalt. This paver is part of the EnduraColor Plus line and will bring modern elegance and a touch of class to your outdoor project. Richcliff’s surface texture resembles the look of flagstone and is cast from actual natural pieces. Ultima Concrete Technology makes Richcliff up to four times stronger than poured concrete, making Richcliff the ultimate driveway paver. Unilock offers countless possibilities for adding accent pavers to a Richcliff driveway. Copthorne and Courtstone, for example, both pair beautifully with Richcliff.

A Captivating Modern Design with Series

A modern landscape needs a matching driveway that will complement the home’s architecture and stand out as a stunning feature. Series is a high-performing driveway paver with the contemporary glow of a granite, quartz and marble aggregate surface. Series offers three colors, Black Granite, a deep charcoal that is ideal for accenting, and two neutrals, Mountain Mist and Ice Grey.

The title image features a Thornbury driveway in the Sierra color option.

Unilock Products that Paving Contractors Recommend for Styling Your Driveway in Traverse City

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