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Transform Your Patio with a Fire Pit and Outdoor Kitchen in Wayne, NJ

Imagine brand new, classy concrete pavers with an enchanting entryway and walkway leading to a luxurious pool deck or patio setup to be enjoying during the hot days and chilly evenings. The outdoor spaces of your home should be a welcome extension that you can retreat to when you feel a need for fresh air and cool breeze. The right kind of planning can make your boring patio into a comfortable room you can take advantage of during all the seasons of the Wayne, NJ climate.

Add Warmth to Make Your Home Look More Inviting

An outdoor fire feature (think fire pit, modern fire bowl, or a full masonry fireplace) is one of the best landscaping ideas for making the backyard a family’s favorite place to gather. The warmth makes people naturally gravitate towards it, whether it be family or friends. Think good, old-fashioned fun—kids and parents gathering around, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate over an excellent fire pit, good friends toasting over ambient, natural light. A fireplace can serve as a main central point in an outdoor room, as well as provide privacy and definition to the room’s space.
Choose from wood-burning fireplaces that can set the mood for a romantic campfire setting, or something with less maintenance like a modern gas fireplace. Although gas fireplaces may be a bit more expensive to build and integrate into your patio, they are more user-friendly, especially if you intend to use your outdoor living room a lot. A gas fire pit can instantly provide welcome heat into a space, and it can produce a beautiful, ambient light when needed. The fuel source can be hidden and placed out of sight, and more often than not, these types of fireplaces can be turned on at a push of a button. For the material, there is nothing else that can make a fireplace or fire pit look as classy as retaining wall stone. Take a look at some inspiration for your fire feature here.

Add A Stylish and Functional Outdoor Kitchen

Much like the outdoor fireplaces discussed above, outdoor kitchens also have the ability to bring people together, this time using good food and drinks. Eating home-cooked meals in an outdoor setting will be sure to form the backdrop for great memories and pleasurable quality time between family members.
If you plan to hold backyard gatherings from spring to fall, or if you simply love the idea of cooking and eating outdoors, then an outdoor kitchen is a must-have addition to your patio.
Now let’s take a look at a few important elements to include in your new outdoor kitchen design. You’ll need a good quality grill as it will be the main cooking device outdoors (unless you plan on incorporating a smoker). After that, there are just a few more elements that bring your kitchen from good to great. Consider including a side burner with your grill for heating up sauces, a small sink, and an outdoor refrigerator for keeping food cold before it hits the grill. Ample countertop surfaces are often overlooked which is a shame as they are important for food preparation and serving. Do the outdoor chef in your house a big favor and include enough space on either side of the grill. And of course, to keep the conversations going while cooking (and after), add nearby sitting – whether it be a bar or dining area.
Cheers to an amazing season filled with smoky and juicy grilled delights!
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