Traditional Patio Pavers with a Modern Twist for your Fairfield, CT, Hardscape | Unilock

Traditional Patio Pavers with a Modern Twist for your Fairfield, CT, Hardscape

The versatility of concrete pavers in terms of color, texture and design can work wonders for your Fairfield, CT, home’s patio. Complete control over the manufacturing process allows the designers at Unilock to create unique combinations that meld classic pavers with more modern design elements. The result is a range of stylish and contemporary pavers that not only look exquisite, but stand up well to the wear and tear of daily use.

Beacon Hill Smooth

A modern take on the classic Beacon Hill Flagstone paver, Beacon Hill Smooth provides you with a more modern and contemporary feel for your patio. The smooth surface has none of the textures and indentations characteristic of its flagstone counterpart, but still retains the softness of natural stone thanks to the blended colors. This modern paver is available in matching contemporary colors such as Desert Valley and Tuscany, as well as Steel Mountain with its subdued grays for a sleek modern appearance.

The title image features a pool deck paved with Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth in Steel Mountain.


Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley takes the classic flagstone paver a step further by offering a more contemporary design, ideal for today’s patios. In contrast to the smooth surface of Beacon Hill Smooth, this paver retains natural textures in the form of the surface indentations and creases that you would find on natural stone. The switch to a more minimal surface texture gives it the softness of natural stone while still retaining a contemporary outlook. The edges of this paver take a similar route, being finely cut with a zero bevel edge. Available in contemporary colors such as Bavarian and Sierra, as well as more reserved hues like the New York Blend, this paver is a modern classic ideal for urban patios.


The classic Roman brick is an ideal way to set your patio apart with its slim, rectangular profile. Mattoni takes this timeless classic and gives it a modern touch with a smooth surface profile. The sides of the paver are sleek with the occasional rough hewn finish to retain a softer feel. Completing the package is the choice of fashionable, solid colors like Cocoa Brown and Dark Charcoal, as well as Sable Blend for those who want to create some additional depth for their design. The color combinations, profile and perfectly balanced texture make this a truly modern take on a classic Roman brick style paver.


Cobblestone pavers are a true classic, characteristic of old European cities and their narrow streets. Camelot gives this traditional paver a modern twist with straight sides ending in rounded corners, with a flattened, regular surface texture. This paver also steps away from convention with two component shapes, square and rectangle, to give you more design freedom when it comes to patterns and borders for your patio floor. In terms of colors, you can go with the classic Granite as a throwback to the classic cobblestone bricks, or continue along a more modern design path with Rustic Red, Sierra, Terra Cotta, and Almond Grove.

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Traditional Patio Pavers with a Modern Twist for your Fairfield, CT, Hardscape


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