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Town Hall vs Copthorne as Walkway Pavers for Your Wading River, NY, Front Walk

Town Hall vs Copthorne as Walkway Pavers for Your Wading River, NY, Front Walk

A new paver walkway can give your home’s front entry a face-lift. It’s a worthwhile investment in curb appeal and functionality. If you love the look of brick, Unilock offers several paver choices, the most popular of which could be Town Hall and Copthorne. Read on to find out more about which of these walkway pavers could be best for your Wading River, NY, front walk.

Why are paver walkways superior? Not only are they more beautiful, but paver walkways offer a few functional benefits that poured concrete, asphalt, or even natural stone cannot match. Brick is a versatile and time-honored building material but quality concrete pavers offer superior strength and durability, dimensional accuracy, and slip-resistance even when wet.


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Shared Characteristics

Reala Surface Technology gives both of these high-quality pavers an ultra-realistic timeworn texture, as casts are made from clay bricks. However, Ultima Concrete Technology ensures that these pavers are much more durable than clay pavers and up to four times as strong as poured concrete. Town Hall and Copthorne pavers won’t crack, and they are burly enough to withstand vehicular traffic. These walkway pavers also hold their color exceptionally well and resist fading thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology.


Copthorne walkway pavers are inspired by European street pavers. The pavers are offered in five colors including a distinctive steel blue. Colors can be mixed onsite for a completely custom look.

Town Hall walkway pavers take inspiration from historic North American clay street pavers. Town Hall pavers come in six colors including two unique “marbled” color mixes for nearly unlimited design options.

Both Copthorne and Town Hall pavers can be used in virtually any residential application: walkways, patios, entryways, steps, driveways, and as borders and accents.


What Sets Copthorne Apart?

Copthorne pavers are smaller in size than Town Hall—7.875″ x 2.5″ x 2.375″—making this paver option ideal for curved walkways, without the need for onsite cutting and shaping. Its vintage appeal beautifully complements many architectural styles.

Copthorne’s small format makes this paver ideal for circular laying patterns, or small, cozy spaces. If you want a front walkway that echoes the contours of your landscape, or a meandering walkway that softens the appearance of your home, Copthorne could be the perfect choice.


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What Sets Town Hall Apart?

Town Hall is a more substantial paver than Copthorne (at 9.875″ x 3.875″ x 2.75″). Visually, this is suited to larger spaces including broad walkways that make a statement.

Town Hall pavers can be used in permeable applications. The pavers themselves don’t allow water to pass through, but they can be installed with larger joints that do. If your front walkway is north-facing, permeability is a huge benefit because water doesn’t remain on the surface but rather filters through the larger joints into the ground below. In summer, this means little or no moss or mildew buildup (which can be extremely slick); and in winter, snowmelt drains off instead of puddling and re-freezing.

The larger format, vintage look and permeability of Town Hall pavers make them a versatile paver suitable for all of your hardscape needs.


What’s the Verdict?

There is no clear winner between these two walkway pavers. The main differences between Copthorne and Town Hall pavers are the size and permeability. The best way to decide is to browse the Unilock idea catalog, or get inspiration and guidance from a local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


The title image features Copthorne pavers flanked by Rivercrest Wall.


Town Hall vs Copthorne as Walkway Pavers for Your Wading River, NY, Front Walk


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