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Add Big Style to your Toronto Landscape with these 3 Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a critical part of many landscapes in the Toronto area. We see them used often in commercial settings to create walls to hold back slopes or to create large planting beds. However, there are a lot of uses for retaining walls in the residential setting as well. We use retaining walls in today’s landscapes to create raised garden beds, build-in seating walls, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and for creating architectural elements in the garden.

The many uses of retaining walls

Today’s garden has become an extension of the home, and as such includes more vertical elements than ever before. We are creating spaces that are inviting, cozy, and that reflect the spaces we use inside. Our kitchens have begun to move outside, our entertaining spaces are now outfitted with furniture that rivals the comfort of indoor family rooms, and out families are spending time together in the Toronto area summer weather more and more.
Additionally, retaining walls are used in the front of our homes as well. Driveway entrances are often structured and formal with walls and pillars, with spaces to announce your arrival with house numbers and lighting built right into the wall.
Imagine walking into your space and not only having your eye travel horizontally across the landscape’s pavers or natural stone, but also vertically. Being able to look up and down and see something in all seasons, plants that integrate seamlessly with hardscape materials, and seeing plants dance in the light against a wall; retaining walls allow all this to happen easily.

Amazing Retaining Walls for your Toronto Home

There are several different stone options available when building retaining walls; from natural stone, right on through to a wide variety of concrete and precast products. Each product has its pros and cons. From flexibility to versatility, to a wide colour selection, to coordinating to other products, the product used for your retaining walls can take your project and give it the “wow” factor you have dreamed of.
A great stone for retaining walls is the Brussels Dimensional Stone from Unilock. Brussels Dimension Stone can be used to create garden walls, built-in seating walls, fire pits, pillars, outdoor kitchens and so much more. In addition, Unilock makes a Brussels Block Paver which is a perfect match for this retaining wall stone.
The Rivercrest Wall from Unilock is another concrete product that gives you the look of natural stone. The look of stacked stone is very popular and well loved by many for use in the landscape, but the labour and cost to produce this look is often a deterrent to installing. The Rivercrest Wall, by being made of concrete, gives you get the durability of other stone produces as well as an attractive price point. The character of this wall makes it an ideal choice to use for garden walls and pillars. It is also excellent to use as a fire pit! Create a nice cozy, old world feel in your garden using this stone.
For a more contemporary look, the Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock, has a very modern look with its clean lines and right angles. Lineo Dimensional Stone comes in a range of colours so it suits a host of applications. The Lineo Dimensional Stone can be used to create raised garden beds, pillars, seat walls and outdoor kitchens – the possibilities are endless!

To learn more about integrating retaining walls into your Toronto Landscape Design, Check out the Unilock Design Ideas Catalog here!

Retaining Walls in Toronto Ontario Canada

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