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Top Patio Design Ideas for Allentown, PA Homeowners

With the patio season just around the corner, landscape architects, designers, and outdoor living enthusiasts are weighing in with the most popular landscaping requests for the last few years running. Let’s have a look at the top patio designs ideas that guarantee to optimize your outdoor space while boosting its general appeal.

Natural Stone for Your Patio

In the hands of inspired landscape contractors and architects, natural stone can transform an ordinary background into a fascinating work of art. As of late, it seems that homeowners are out to incorporate a natural look into their outdoor spaces. Needless to say, nothing beats natural stone for a completely natural look. And although there are different types of natural stone available like flagstone, bluestone, travertine, and porcelain, experts recommend choosing a product from a reputable manufacturer. Natural Stone from Unilock offers many advantages including a lifetime warranty, consistent sourcing, and better quality. Learn more about it here.

Outdoor Kitchens

Landscape contractors are being called on to design and build spaces that are being transformed into classy outdoor kitchens. Homeowners are looking to create an extension of the indoors outside for comfort and convenience. Generally speaking, you should never think twice about adding a new outdoor kitchen if there is room in your budget. Some of the latest studies show that kitchen remodels or additions can recoup up to 80 percent of their total cost. Naturally, having a variety of ways to cook outdoors, from pizza ovens to charcoal grills, highly increases the appeal and function of an outdoor kitchen. And as the desire for outdoor culinary experiences heats up, it is becoming quite clear that the two most common materials used in upscale outdoor gourmet kitchens are stainless steel and stone.

Sitting Walls (Seat Walls)

Although a retaining wall is built to stabilize the earth behind it, the same material can be used to add curb appeal to your property. Unilock Authorized Contractors are also using retaining wall systems like Unilock’s Rivenstone to create free-standing walls that create benches, seat walls and courtyard sides. Imagine a circular patio complete with a seat wall around it and a fire pit as the focal point; seems like the perfect venue for Sunday brunch with the family, right? Still, keeping in mind that other than improving aesthetics, a retaining wall makes your property more useful and adds another dimension of style to your patio.

Concrete Pavers

The hardscape elements of your outdoor space can set the entire tone of the landscape. One of the top patio designs involves the use of large-format concrete pavers. While in years past concrete pavers were popular in small sizes like 6”x9”, as of late the demand for large format squares and rectangles are trending big. With sizes up above 24” in width, today’s pavers are looking more like natural stone slabs than brick. With realistic surfaces mimicking that of bluestone, look for paver with clean, contemporary lines and an impressive footprint.

Research shows that homebuyers are more likely to pay a premium for a home that features cutting edge landscaping and elements like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and retaining walls. Homeowners tend to assume that the inside of the house will just be as spectacular as the outside, and in most cases this turns out to be true. Whether you are looking to boost your property value or create a serene retreat for your family, be sure to consider these patio design ideas to help extend your home’s living space into the backyard.

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