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Top 3 Landscaping Ideas for Franklin Lakes, Wayne, and Toms River, NJ Homeowners

Creating an inviting and functional landscape for the home has become a priority for many homeowners today. Here, we take a look at three landscaping ideas that are perfect for bringing your NJ hardscaping and landscaping to the next level.

Using Pavers for your Driveway

Concrete pavers are among the most versatile and durable of all paving materials. With so many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find the paver perfect for your project. A high-end concrete paver will outlast any other form of hardscape covering including asphalt, poured concrete, polished concrete, and clay brick. Pavers won’t fade from sun or salt exposure and the only maintenance they require is the occasional hose-down to remove dirt build-up. Because of their high weight-bearing capacity, pavers are ideal for driveways and won’t crack like asphalt or poured concrete when the surface inevitably settles. In addition to being able to withstand the rigors of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, concrete pavers look amazing as well. Their variety of shapes and sizes make them ideal for pairing with existing landscape features as complements, accents, and borders.

For more inspiration and landscaping ideas for your Franklin Lakes, Wayne, and Toms River, NJ landscaping projects, check out the Unilock Design Ideas Catalog here!


Mixing Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers

Combinations of natural stone and concrete pavers can be used to great effect with one or the other forming the border. Flagstone, for example, with its large, irregular shapes and natural hues, can be matched with a dark concrete paver as a border such as Unilock’s Series 3000 paver. Alternatively, differing materials can be used to delineate a change of function in your outdoor spaces in the same way that you use different floor coverings from room to room inside your house. A walkway of vibrant concrete pavers, for example, might transition nicely into a natural stone patio, and back again into a poolside surround of concrete pavers. Another way that concrete pavers and natural stone can be combined is by using natural stone in your vertical hardscaping structures such as fireplaces, permanent seating, outdoor cabinets, and retaining walls, while setting them off against the ordered lay of a floor of concrete pavers.

Learn more here about how Unilock has changed the industry once again with the addition of their Natural Stone line.


Choosing the Best Installer for the Project

No matter the exact details of your landscaping or hardscaping project, the final product is only as good as the professionals behind the installation. Incorrect installation can take years off the finished surface and cause unnecessary damage to your property. Naturally, employing a landscaping company that you trust and with whom you’ve had a positive experience with in the past is best, but what if you’re new to the area or haven’t had experience with landscaping or hardscaping companies before? A good question to ask when deciding on who to trust with your project is whether or not they have done similar projects in the past and whether or not they have they worked with the material of your choice before. You should also feel comfortable that they are open and willing to discuss their working process before they begin. Don’t be afraid to do a quick background check online before hiring a contractor. If someone has had a bad experience with the company in the past, they’re bound to have let the internet know. Conversely, an outstanding service is bound to have warranted praise online. Bypass all the worry and secure both a product and an installation that is guaranteed by contacting a Unilock Authorized Contractor in the Wayne, Franklin Lakes, Toms River, or surrounding NJ area for a free in home consultation today.
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