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Timeless Natural Stones for your Cleveland, OH Landscaping

If you’ve decided on natural stone pavers for your Cleveland, OH yard, Unilock can ensure you get the best. As well as creating high quality concrete products that capture the look and feel of natural stone, we also source natural stone from Europe and Asia.
We only select the highest quality stones for your landscaping projects, precisely calibrated and cut to ensure ease of laying and aesthetic perfection. A range of surface treatments enhance the natural beauty of the stone, and if you’re looking for freeze-thaw durability, flexural strength and low water absorption, our natural stone options could be just what you are looking for. Our natural stone also bear the Fairstone assurance of ethical trade and processing, from quarry to delivery.
Check out two natural landscaping stone options for your Cleveland backyard:


Available in five different paver sizes, and a coping option, Unilock’s sandstone is a high quality addition to your outdoor space. There are so many different ways it can be used, including in borders and accents around your yard, and around pools.
One common use for sandstone is in the construction of high-end stairways and paths. Imagine a grand staircase leading from a raised terrace down to a lawn or pool area below. The Indian Coast color option is the ideal choice for this kind of design, lending warm coloring, intricate veins and gentle gradations of color. Indian Coast Sandstone is ideal for creating inviting front yard walkways, welcoming patios and maintaining a cosy atmosphere in areas featuring fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.
Stone Cliff Grey is the other color available option, possessing subtlety and versatility. While the Indian Coast color brightens up a space with its warmth, Stone Cliff Grey is more neutral, with an aesthetic that relies strongly on its rich and elegant textures. Stone Cliff Grey can be used to blend seamlessly with more modern or edgy landscapes, as well as with formal and traditional design themes. Its smart aesthetic is ideal for straight paths and clean, square patio corners, with contemporary furniture working well with this sandstone color choice.
Sandstone is best suited for use in pedestrian areas such as pathways and patios and can also lends its character in creating luxurious poolside surrounds.


With its fine grain and subtle texture, Unilock’s limestone is excelling for creating a relaxing ambience in your outdoor spaces. The Black River color option available in the Ohio region is a dark gray stone, weathered with gunmetal and silver tones. This bold shade, combined with the clean-angled shapes of the six paver sizes, oozes contemporary luxe. The deep color works well in a modern outdoor patio set up. Think black and gray seating in geometric shapes and sharp edges, with metallic features and accessories. Black River limestone allows an opportunity to be bold when it comes to plant pots, light fittings and vertical structures, with its deep color doing well to highlight bright features.
Unilock’s limestone is perfect for use in borders and accents, as well as for pedestrian areas such as paths and patios.

The title image features a patio paved with Unilock’s Sandstone pavers.

Timeless Natural Stones for your Cleveland, OH Landscaping

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