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Things to Consider When Choosing Materials for your Cleveland Driveway Installation

Your driveway is the first thing people see when they visit your Cleveland, OH, property. In fact, they don’t even have to visit, they could just be passing by. Due to its visibility, you’ll want your driveway to be beautiful, long-lasting, and functional. Let’s look at the factors to consider when selecting the best driveway materials.

Durability, Strength and Flexibility

Durability is key for hardscaped areas that will be subject to the weight of vehicles, as well as the stresses of the environment and weather conditions. As well as providing this level of long-term durability, concrete pavers also create a flexible surface that remains intact and interlocking when the ground beneath them shifts, unlike asphalt and similar solid surface driveway options.

Choosing Colors

To achieve truly stunning curb appeal, highlight colors occurring in your home’s architecture and recurring color motifs throughout your landscape. This can be done by matching the color of your home’s roof in the pavers used in your driveway, for example, or creating bold contrasts with other elements of your hardscape. The wide range of color options provided by Unilock ensures integration of the pavers into any existing color scheme, or the creation of a vibrant new one.

Matching and Contrasting Textures

Repeating or contrasting textures used in other elements of your home’s construction is also an effective way of helping you choose paving materials. Whether you wish to incorporate the timeworn appearance of tumbled rock using Brussels Block, the brushed texture of Il Campo or the rich natural surface of flagstone with Avante Ashlar, Unilock offers the ideal choice for your driveway.

Matching Styles

Another thing to take into account is the existing style of your home’s architecture and design themes. This will help you match accordingly. Artline, for example, provides a beautiful complement to modern style homes that combines clear linear emphasis with crisp edges and smooth textures.
For homes with a more traditional feel, pavers such as Copthorne and Town Hall can help extend this traditional charm to your driveway. These pavers’ authentic timeworn brick appearance provides a sense of antiquity and character.

Laying Patterns

Laying patterns provide a host of different styles to your driveway surface. Using a running bond pattern of brick-shaped pavers, you can effectively lead the eye up towards the home, or visually enhance the width or length of your driveway. Herringbone laying patterns for brick pavers, or randomized patterns for pavers available in a range of sizes and shapes can be used to create a more natural, lively driveway surface.

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Value for Money

Once pavers are installed they require very little maintenance, owing to their unique strength, durability and flexibility. Unilock pavers are also equipped with a variety of technologies that further extend lifespan and reduce staining and fading, making them a solid investment for your property. Unlike other materials, in the unlikely event of a paver needing to be replaced, it can be individually lifted and refitted, making repairs easy and seamless. This is unlike asphalt and poured concrete driveways that require resurfacing and visible patching of cracks and potholes. At a fraction of the price of natural stone, pavers are cost effective, both in their initial outlay and in their continued upkeep.

The title image features a driveway paved with Artline from Unilock, with a Series 3000 accent.

Things to Consider When Choosing Materials for your Cleveland OH Driveway Installation

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