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The Difference Between Brick, Stone and Unilock Outdoor Fireplaces in Suffolk County, NY

The Difference Between Brick, Stone and Unilock Outdoor Fireplaces in Suffolk County, NY

Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any backyard or lounge area. Adding one to your landscape requires a few decisions, primarily the material you plan to use. A few factors should be considered, like style, durability, and safety. Common materials for fireplaces include brick and stone, however, Unilock Pre-Built Fireplaces offer the aesthetics of both of these options, along with added durability, ease of installation and safety. So if you’re contemplating which material to use for your Suffolk County, NY, design, here are some points to think about:


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When it comes to your design, it’s important for it to look good, especially since a project like this should last a lifetime. While red brick is good for many applications, the color and look of brick is often bested by the neutral palettes and design options offered by stone. The Unilock Tuscany Fireplace uses the Brussels Dimensional System, which has a tumbled look reminiscent of old Italian architecture. Integrating the look of brick into the design, the Tuscany Fireplace has accents of Copthorne, a brick-like paver that adds a warm feel without being overwhelming. This look can be continued for your flooring, using Brussels Block as your main paver and Copthorne accents for the borders of your hardscape, or contrast the rich textures with Umbriano pavers instead. The Brussels Dimensional System also offers tapered components, so you can integrate curved elements into your hardscape design. These materials combine to offer the best of both worlds and a cohesive, timeless look that will last.


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When it comes to durability, a fireplace is one project that requires heavy-duty, reliable materials. Brick fireplaces can accumulate wear and tear after heavy use, especially when subject to elements like rain, hail, and snow. Natural stone, on the other hand, is not always suitable for applications subject to direct heat, like fireplaces. Fireplaces made with Unilock wall units are built to endure all this and more, retaining their color and structural integrity. Because Unilock fireplaces are pre-built at our factory, using innovative technologies and the highest quality raw materials, they are stronger and able to resist wear and tear through regular use and exposure to the elements. The Moda Fireplace, for example, is made with Lineo Dimensional Stone for a smooth, modern look in crisp grey colors, and with Series accents. Our manufacturing processes allow us to create incredibly strong products that are less porous than both brick and natural stone, preventing erosion of the components and ensuring that the colors won’t fade over time.



Fireplaces require a fair consideration for safety, especially since fire is involved. Large brick fireplaces can be a hazard if they fail after a few years of heavy use, yielding risks like falling bricks. With natural stone, the heat from the fire can sometimes cause stones to split and crack, occasionally violently, if the stones are not specially treated.

Unilock Pre-Built Fireplaces like the Bella Fireplace, however, offer long-lasting structural integrity and consistent quality. Each fireplace includes a stainless steel firebox, pipe and metal termination cap. This protects the structure from the heat of the fire, preventing heat damage and making the fireplace safer. Unilock also offers an Authorized Contractor program to ensure that a trained professional is installing your Unilock product. These factors guarantee that your Unilock fireplace will be safe and durable.


The title image features a Tuscany Pre-Built Fireplace on an Umbriano patio with Copthorne accents.


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