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Stylish Seating Ideas for Stylish Fire Pits in Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills

Building a seating area around your fire pit will not only transform your space but also open the door to many enjoyable moments with friends and family. Create a beautiful space for your Detroit, Bloomfield or Farmington Hills, MI, residence and surround your fire pit with comfortable and stylish permanent seating with these ideas for inspiration.

Built-In Design for a Relaxed Look

Your outdoor furniture should suit the space, both in color and character. Built-in seating is convenient if you want to save space and reduce the amount of furniture placed in your backyard. This will help maintain an organized and uncluttered outdoor environment.
With Unilock Rivercrest Wall, you can build a fire pit and a seat wall from the same material, ensuring a perfect match. Rivercrest Wall is famous for giving any fire pit the appearance of stacked flagstone with the affordability and endurance of concrete. This wall unit is known for its relaxed, cozy look and natural charm. Since Rivercrest Wall is available in two subtle tones, Coastal Slate and Buff, you can add some contrast with Umbriano pavers for the floor of your patio. The Midnight Sky shade gives an interesting visual appearance as the Umbriano pavers have a unique surface that resembles the look of natural granite. To add a distinguished touch and create an even warmer appearance, add colorful pillows.

The title image features a fire pit and seat wall built from Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate and Sandstone Brussels Fullnose Coping, with surrounding Umbriano patio.


Built-In Design for a Natural Appearance

If you are creating a circular or a semi-circular seating area, you’ll need to make sure the wall unit offers both form and function. For an optimal result, create a seating wall between 18 and 21 inches high with a wall unit that can build straight and curved walls. Estate Wall is a versatile wall unit that recreates a natural ledge rock look and matches every backyard design. Estate Wall’s colors and texture recreate the natural look of aged rock, ideal for homeowners that want to accent the surrounding greenery with a timeworn fire pit and a seating area. This can be further enhanced with Ledgestone coping. Ledgestone is a universal coping system that will distinguish your seating area from other landscape elements, or be extended throughout your hardscape. The coping also serves as a comfortable seat for your wall. Don’t forget to add your personal touch with soft, colorful pillows.

U-Shaped and Pillar Detached Seating for Small Gatherings

A seating area and fire pit make excellent focal points for outdoor spaces. You can create a small, intimate seating option with a modern touch using several U-shaped seating spots that serve as outdoor sofas. For a minimalist look that provides additional room for moveable furniture, simple low pillars can be used to provide permanent stools for the area. For this, or for creating end tables for your seating, take advantage of Rivercrest Wall’s Rapid Pillar System.
If you are looking for an easy to install, practical, yet quality fire pit design, consider the Unilock Sunset Firepit Kit. This kit is available in a variety of stone options that will match your existing patio and seating options and provide the simplicity necessary to bring this design together.

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Stylish Seating Ideas for Stylish Fire Pits in Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills MI

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