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Stunning Retaining Wall and Coping Options in Howell, Lansing

Every property has its own particular issues. Some may have drainage problems; others might have an abundance of rock or clay soil; and still others may have steep slopes which accelerate erosion. If the latter is a problem that you’re facing on your property, consider including a retaining wall into your landscaping plan. These hardscaped elements are designed to prevent loss of soil, and have the added benefit of providing character and depth to your landscape. Unilock offers a variety of units for building retaining walls, regardless of the lay of your property or architectural flair of your home. Unilock wall products offer extreme durability, even when subjected to the harsh weather fluctuations that we experience in Howell or Lansing, MI. These can be matched with our wide range of complementary paver and coping options that are available for other features of your design.

Brussels Dimensional System

Popular and versatile, Brussels Dimensional System makes landscape construction a snap. Better still, once complete, a structure constructed with the Brussels Dimensional System will stand the test of time and weather, as will your soil. Included in this style are the needed corner and coping pieces as well as three size options. Your retaining wall will be functional, grand, and aesthetically suitable when matched to the color of your existing home and other hardscaped areas. Color options in this range include Sandstone, Coffee Creek, Desert Sand, Limestone, and Mahogany Ash, ensuring the perfect match to any color scheme.


If the slope that you’re attempting to tame is a steep one, consider Pisa2. These units are designed to apply the right slope, creating a highly stable wall, even when incorporating curves in the design. With this option, you’ll find colors that range in tone from light to dark, including, but not limited to Sandstone, Granite, Rustic Red and Charcoal. Moreover, this option also includes the corner, wall, and coping pieces required, so you won’t have to mix and match unless that’s what you prefer. Stop losing your topsoil to erosion by working a beautiful, functional, and structurally sound retaining wall into your landscaping masterpiece.

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Estate Wall

For a retaining wall that makes a significant statement, you’ll find that Unilock Estate Wall speaks volumes. These units are reminiscent of aged, natural rock, and are available in a light, subtle Sandstone or the varied tones of Sierra. With three sizes of wall blocks and matching coping as well as corner pieces, your wall can be constructed quickly and sturdily. For elegance, you’ll not find a better option with which to build your property’s retaining wall. Transform your landscape from a property to an estate with this grand retaining wall option.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

For modern homes or outdoor areas with a contemporary feel, the clean lines and fine textures of Lineo Dimensional Stone are an excellent complement. While tidy in appearance, this option remains warm and welcoming in character. This wallstone option also includes the blocks needed to create pillars at the ends of your wall, transforming it from functional to fabulous with one or two columns. Because Lineo Dimensional Stone is a decorative feature, it is best suited for low retaining walls and raised plant beds below 20”.

The title image features tiered retaining walls built from Pisa2 in St. Clair.

Stunning Retaining Wall and Coping Options in Howell, Lansing MI

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