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Stunning Paver Combinations for Your Toronto Driveway

If you’re considering the benefits of concrete driveway pavers in Toronto, ON but are unsure of your options, or are looking for some winning paver combinations, look no further. These pairings have been specially selected to complement Toronto’s home exteriors, from French-style to modern architectural home designs and everything in between.

Unigranite and Il Campo

Unilock’s Unigranite has the look of hand-hewn granite and offers a prominent texture and striking color with the Dark Charcoal variation. Paired with a larger, lighter paver, Unigranite can be used as an effective border, accent or design feature. The warm autumn browns of Il Campo’s Coffee Creek color option, for example, are well paired with the Dark Charcoal of Unigranite. The two pavers are not only color compatible, but synergistic in shape and texture as well. Use a Unigranite border to frame an Il Campo driveway, add visual strength to a design, and create contrasts in color and texture.

Town Hall and Brussels Block

With both Town Hall and Brussels Block pavers presenting an old world aesthetic, the two work together to bring character and aged beauty to a home’s landscape. A number of color combinations are possible with these two classic pavers. Try a Brussel’s Block driveway in Sierra with a Town Hall border in Basalt for high contrast and bold elegance, or a Town Hall driveway in Old Oak with Brussels Block in Sandstone as a complementary accent for rich warmth and character.

Courtstone and Copthorne

Another old world style combo, Courtstone and Copthorne emulate the pairing of old cobblestone and face brick. The dark crimson of Copthorne in Burgundy Red, the warmer browns of Burnt Clay or the ruddy tones of Old Oak are all excellent accent options for a Basalt Courtstone driveway. These three shades of Copthorne can be combined in a three color blend for additional variation and depth, perfect for complementing the deep color and fine texture of Courtstone.

Artline and Copthorne

A driveway paved with Artline in the Sierra Fusion color variation with a Basalt Copthorne border is welcoming and warm, well suited to homes veneered in natural stone or brick facades in neutral shades. Both pavers are rectangular, so laying them at different angles to one another allows for visual interest and avoids a repetitive aesthetic. As an example, Copthorne can be used to run a lengthways border with Artline pavers running at forty-five degree angle forming the bulk of the driveway.

The title image features an Artline driveway in Sierra Fusion with a border of Basalt Copthorne pavers.


Turfstone with grass

Unilock’s Turfstone corresponds beautifully with old-French style homes, allowing an alluring combination of grass and patterned concrete. If your parking area is environmentally sensitive or your landscaping theme would be enhanced by more greenery, this Toronto driveway paver alternative is the perfect accent. The addition of these concrete pavers provides support to areas susceptible to erosion, additional traction for vehicles and the advantages of permeability in increasing drainage potential and decreasing stormwater runoff – a great option for homes seeking a greener space and an interesting texture.
Stunning Paver Combinations for Your Toronto ON Driveway

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