Stone Walkways

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Stone Walkways

Stone Walkways

If You Want to Add Beautiful Stone Walkways to Your Residential Landscape, Turn to Unilock

Stone walkways serve wonderful functions. With pavers made by Unilock, you can create the perfect paths for traversing your property. These beautiful walkways will also complement your home and add to its visual appeal. Whether your goal is to connect elements of your landscape – such as your driveway and backyard patio – or you want to create paths that meander through your backyard garden, Unilock can provide all the materials necessary to make the project a success.
Aside from being beautiful, the benefits of choosing Unilock pavers for stone walkways include:

  • Safety – A non-slip surface texture makes it easier for people to maintain their footing and avoid falling.
  • Weather-resistance – Our pavers are able to endure a wide range of weather conditions, including severe freeze/thaw cycles, without cracking.
  • Tolerance of chemicals – Stone walkways made with our pavers will be unaffected by most household chemicals, and you can safely use de-icing salt on them as well.

If you really want to take your landscape to new heights, you might also want to consider adding vertical elements using our wall stones. We can supply you with the perfect materials for creating matching garden walls, retaining walls, planters, steps, and pillars.
To begin the exciting process of planning your new stone walkways, contact Unilock today to receive a free estimate from a Unilock Authorized Contractor near you.

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