Stone Pavers

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Stone Pavers

Stone Pavers

Use Premium Unilock Stone Pavers to Create a New Outdoor Living Space at Your Home

Unilock stone pavers, which combine beauty with unmatched durability, are the perfect option for creating a new hardscaping element on your property. The concrete pavers in our EnduraColor™ Plus Architectural Finishes collection use a complex blend of some of nature’s highest-performing minerals to create ultra-realistic surface textures and unprecedented color retention, so they will stay beautiful for many years. These durable stone pavers have also been enhanced with unique technologies developed by Unilock, such as Ultima™ technology, which gives a paver up to four times the strength of poured concrete, and EasyClean™ stain resistance, which makes it simple to clean spills before a stain can form.
Unilock stone pavers can be used to create a wide variety of outdoor elements that can improve the beauty and value of your home, including:

  • Driveways – Our pavers can withstand freeze/thaw cycles without cracking and will even stand up to de-icing salt without becoming discolored or damaged.
  • Walkways – Unilock paving stones allow you to create a stunning path to your front door that complements your driveway.
  • Patios – You can turn an unused area of your yard into a popular hangout for family and friends.
  • Pool decks – Many of our products have nonslip surfaces that are ideal for wet pool decks. We also offer wall stones that can be used to create pool-side grill islands and outdoor kitchens.

No matter what type of hardscaping elements you want to add to your home, we offer stone pavers that will match your style and preferences. Our products range from contemporary paving stones that resemble sleek granite to the classic look of natural stones, historic brick, and old-world cobblestones.
If you would like to learn more about the stone pavers we offer, or to receive a free estimate from a Unilock Authorized Contractor in your area, contact Unilock today.

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