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Stone Pavers That Are Four Times the Strength as Concrete in Middletown, PA

Stone Pavers That Are Four Times the Strength as Concrete in Middletown, PA

High quality paving stones from Unilock, can make a tremendous difference for your hardscape. They are attractive, durable, and exceptionally strong. In fact, Unilock features several pavers that are four times the strength of concrete in Middletown, PA. They are the perfect choice for an upscale driveway, and can be used to create the appearance of natural stone, cobblestone, brick pavers and more, to give your home a winning first impression!

Advantages of concrete pavers over poured concrete

Poured concrete won’t give your home the beauty or the durability you want. Concrete tends to crack over time and isn’t as strong as Unilock concrete pavers. But those are just two advantages that Unilock, pavers have over concrete! Other advantages include:

  1. Attractive appearance and design versatility: Unilock pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to enhance your home no matter its architectural style. Most pavers can be laid in various patterns, for a custom look.
  1. Low maintenance: Unilock pavers are pre-sealed and do not need additional sealing. They also offer extremely low water absorption, meaning they are resistant to staining and degradation from water, oil, salt, de-icing compounds, chlorine, and other household chemicals.
  1. Weather resistance: Unilock concrete pavers are suitable for use in any climate. They are even suitable for electric or liquid snow melt systems, and darker pavers naturally assist the melting process. Pavers are designed to move slightly with the natural movement of the ground during freeze/thaw conditions and under heavy vehicular traffic. Poured concrete, on the other hand, will crack because it is a solid slab.
  1. Non-slip surface: Unilock pavers are textured for pedestrian safety and remain non-slip even when wet.


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Unilock pavers suitable for driveways

Unilock pavers give you the best performance for your money, and add value to your home.

  1. Copthorne: Inspired by European brick street pavers, Copthorne features Reala™ Technology for an authentic surface appearance cast from real brick pavers, and Ultima™ Concrete Technology for superior strength and durability. Available in several colors, Copthorne pavers are equally at home in modern, traditional, and rustic settings.
  1. Courtstone: For the old-world elegance of cobblestones, choose Courtstone pavers. Unilock Ultima™ Technology provides exceptional strength, and Reala™ Technology gives your driveway a unique look. Courtstone can be used either as a field paver for a traditional European look, or as a dramatic accent or border paver alongside contemporary large-format pavers, or tumbled, rustic pavers, such as Brussels Block.
  1. Richcliff: Richcliff pavers are inspired by flagstone and offer a beautifully unique contemporary look. They feature Unilock Reala™ Technology for a completely natural appearance, as the pavers are cast from many different natural flagstone pavers, and various sizes give plenty of options when it comes to laying patterns. Ultima™ Concrete Technology ensures that Richcliff pavers are up to four times stronger than conventional poured concrete.
  1. Town Hall: Town Hall pavers give the same old-world, traditional appeal of Copthorne pavers, but in a slightly larger format modeled after vintage American clay street pavers. Town Hall pavers also feature Reala™ Technology and Ultima™ Concrete Technology, and several colors give plenty of design options for your home.

Don’t diminish the appearance of your home with a boring poured concrete driveway. Give your home’s curb appeal an elegant boost with high quality Unilock pavers! Your local Unilock Authorized Contractor is happy to answer questions and assist you in choosing the best Unilock pavers for your driveway.


The title image features a Courtstone driveway with Copthorne accent and Brussels Block border.


Stone Pavers That Are Four Times the Strength as Concrete in Middletown, PA


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