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Choosing the Perfect Stone Pavers for Your Glen Cove, NY Outdoor Kitchen

When you decorate the inside of your home, it is clear that the materials you choose for the floor will have a huge impact on your décor, comfort level, and the final look of the room. You should give that same consideration and care to the material you choose as the flooring for your new outdoor kitchen. The stone material you choose sets the tone for each accessory you purchase for the kitchen and the overall feel of your outdoor living space. Plants will come and go as the seasons change, but the paving stones you choose will always be a main feature of your landscape. Before you make a final decision, consider some of the finer points of choosing the perfect stone pavers for your outdoor kitchen.

Available Materials

Choosing the perfect material for your outdoor kitchen patio can be an overwhelming task once you realize how many different material options are available. Concrete pavers, natural stone, flagstone, poured concrete, stamped concrete, and traditional brick all come in every conceivable size, shape and color, often frustrating the outdoor patio shopper. To learn more about why choosing concrete pavers and premium natural stone is a wise choice for your home, check out another article here.

Browse Completed Patios

When you are looking at a handful of sample patio pavers, it is hard to imagine how they will all come together to make the patio floor of your outdoor kitchen. In order to translate those individual styles of stones into your outdoor kitchen, it will definitely be helpful to see more than just samples. Unilock—a manufacturer of premium concrete paving stones and wall systems—offers an inspirational product catalog that will help you to envision how the finished product will look in your own backyard. Get your copy here. Another extremely helpful tool for homeowners is the Unilock Outdoor Idea Centers, with U.S. locations in the Northeast and Midwest and in Canada’s Toronto region. These outdoor design centers provide life-like designs which allow shoppers to compare textures, colors, and styles. Learn more about the Unilock Outdoor Idea Centers here.

Choose Pavers That Complements Your Entire Landscape

The perfect patio paver for your home will accentuate your landscape and the hardscape features you already have installed. It is important to consider how your entire landscape will flow together once your outdoor kitchen floor is installed. Creating a comprehensive, cohesive design will make all the difference in achieving a stunning finished project. That said, these design decisions can be very tough—consider working with a skilled professional by contacting a Unilock Authorized Contractor in Huntington Bay, NY, Glen Cove, NY, or the greater Long Island, NY region.

Design Is Key

You may already have a style in mind for your outdoor kitchen. Whether you want an elegant gathering area for large parties or a rugged barbecue area, there is sure to be a paving stone to match your chosen style. Pavers offer a large range of colors and textures, making it easy to match a color scheme. Also consider using natural stone products in your design as it will allow you closely match the material of your home giving a beautiful unified look to your new outdoor kitchen.
For homeowners looking to improve their Long Island outdoor living spaces, there are many helpful tools for choosing the right paver. Your outdoor kitchen should be a reflection of your taste and style, while blending seamlessly into your home’s landscape. Visit Unilock’s Design Assistance Tools for more help.

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