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Spice Up Your Summer with these Detroit Backyard Pool Ideas

Nothing accentuates the pleasure of the warm summer months like a backyard pool for your Detroit, MI, home. Choosing the type of pool is naturally an integral decision, but what many people overlook is the relatively smaller design decisions regarding coping and pool surrounds. While they may seem trivial, these choices can play a vital role in enhancing your backyard experience.

Pool Deck Pavers

Although the pool will remain the focal point of your backyard, choosing the right materials for the pool deck is necessary from a design and safety standpoint. The material and colors have to flow well with the shape of the pool as well as other features around your backyard for a well-proportioned feel. For a rectangular pool with its sleek sides, choosing a paver with modern design elements can work well to achieve a minimalist look. Our Umbriano paver is an excellent example with its crisp cut sides and the option of subtle colors like Summer Wheat and Winter Marvel while still creating an interesting design with its speckled surface. Not only are the lighter colors more suited to resisting heat build-up from the summer sun, but the non-slip surface ensures that moving across the deck even when it’s wet is as safe as possible.
For a round or free form pool, a more natural paver would be an ideal choice. Rivenstone is an ideal instance of a classic paver with its natural flagstone texture to add some softness to your deck. Its surface features our Reala Surface Technology which utilizes actual natural stone for the molding process to give an authentic look. Working well with the natural curves of your pool, this paver is well suited to accomplishing a matching look.

Coping Choices

Coping plays a pivotal part in creating a safe surface for swimmers to interact with, especially when entering and leaving the pool. At Unilock, our coping stones feature the same surface texture and color options as their respective pavers, making it remarkably easy to achieve a compatible look for your overall design. Our Brussels Fullnose coping is especially popular with its soft curved edge that works especially well with rounded pools while also providing a comfortable and safe surface to to sit on.

Install a Hot Tub

At Unilock, our wide choice of wall stones makes it easier than ever to integrate a hot tub alongside your pool. As with the coping stones, our wall stones are designed to work well with paver combinations – whether you are going for a matching or contrasting look. The Rivercrest Wall stone is highly suited for this task with a stacked flagstone look. The use of Reala Surface Technology alongside two choices of natural stone colors make it highly versatile and easy to match with your pool, coping and paving options.

The title image features an Umbriano paver pool deck with Ledgestone coping and a hot tub built using Rivercrest Wall.


Install a Fire Pit

Having a fire pit in close proximity to a pool can create a wonderful ambiance for your backyard. Not only does it bring together two focal features for an added effect, but the contrast of fire and water is bound to wow your guests. Our Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit is an excellent example of a versatile product that works well with all manner of paving stones and walls while also being painless to install and maintain.

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Spice Up Your Summer with these Detroit MI Backyard Pool Ideas


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