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Retaining Wall Options for Modern Homes in Central Illinois

Sleek and fresh, the lines and shapes of modern architecture are unexpected and refreshing; however, landscaping options that complement this style of design can be difficult to find. Melding the outdoors with modern hardscapes without them becoming overly cultivated or sterile is the goal. Unilock offers durable and affordable products that can meet this need in two ways. Some products extend the feel of modern lines and minimalism while others offer high end aesthetic that, when juxtaposed against other modern features, emphasizes the contemporary feel of the design. Consider both options as you create your grand design for including a retaining wall within the landscape of your modern home in Central Illinois.

Brussels Dimensional Stone

Building a retaining wall requires both vertical units as well as coping. The coping serves as the uppermost layer of the wall and protects the structure from water and other elemental damage. Choosing to build your wall with Brussels Dimensional Stone allows property owners who prefer a modern aesthetic to tailor the structure to fit this niche. While the weathered texture of the blocks might indicate a more traditional look, the standard size of the block will create a uniform appearance that appeals to the minimalist in all contemporary architecture fans. Adding Ledgestone coping to the structure will provide a clean, finished edge that also introduces a contemporary style.

Cumberland Wall

For a modern appeal with a natural stone look, Cumberland Wall provides a commanding impression without coming across as overly industrial. The balance between modernity and a welcoming atmosphere can be further enhanced by bringing in greenery and other warm yet modern elements. This vertical building unit can be purchased in a bundle that includes three shapes. The chiseled surface provides a contemporary take on natural stone, and property owners can choose from River, Sandstone, and Sierra color options in order to best complement the home and outbuildings of their property.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

The most obvious choice for retaining walls in keeping with a modern architectural home is Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock. This set of building units incorporates modern, clean lines to create a fresh and dynamic aesthetic. This linear style is quite flexible; you have the choice of four different sized blocks, pillar units, and a pillar cap to create many designs. In addition, the units come in the shades of Sandalwood, Granite, and Sierra, all of which can be used as the main or accent colors within contemporary designs. The smooth texture of this stone completes the clear modernity of the design. This option is the most straightforward choice for those planning a retaining wall in keeping with a contemporary architectural plan.

Rivercrest Wall

Just as Lineo Dimensional Stone is the most obvious choice for those planning a modern retaining wall, Rivercrest Wall might be the most unexpected. Its stacked flagstone aesthetic is more in keeping with a rustic style, but this very incongruity is the reason that contemporary homeowners should choose it. The juxtaposition of Rivercrest Wall retaining walls against other contemporary designs serves to highlight the modernity of the overall design. As with Lineo Dimensional Stone, Ledgestone coping can serve as an excellent finish for Rivercrest Wall. The shades of Coastal Slate or Buff reflect the brilliance of the greenery and a sunny space, making ideal for introducing warmth and character to a modern design.

The title image features a retaining wall constructed from Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate, complemented by a Summer Wheat and Midnight Sky Umbriano walkway.

Retaining Wall Options for Modern Homes in Central Illinois

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