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Reliable and Aesthetically Pleasing Pavers for Your Glen Cove, NY Pool Deck

Reliable and Aesthetically Pleasing Pavers for Your Glen Cove, NY Pool Deck

If you want a reliable paver that’s as strong as it is stylish, you’re in the right place! Unilock has a great selection of high-quality pavers that will make your Glen Cove, NY, pool area an oasis to be envied. Here are some of our favorite products for poolside perfection:


As part of the Unilock Elegance collection, Richcliff is an impressively strong paver whose surface is cast from hundreds of natural stone surface textures to achieve a realistic appearance. Ultima Concrete Technology gives Richcliff enhanced strength and flexibility, ensuring that it stands up against changes in weather, mechanical wear, and the rigors of pool deck use. This means that Richcliff pavers maintain their appearance and integrity all year round, year after year. Poolside, it provides a non-slip surface for barefoot swimmers, increasing safety and offering comfort. The different sizes in which Richcliff is available allow you to create interesting laying patterns that pair well with all types of pool designs. In combination, these factors make Richcliff a solid choice for your pool deck.


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For a paver that provides a ton of design versatility and practical benefits, Umbriano is an excellent choice. This paver is available in colors ranging from a classic French Grey to a deep Harvest Brown. This allows you to create your own unique design to match any color palette. With the appearance of natural granite, the surface of Umbriano is non-slip and stain resistant. This makes it perfect for poolside activity as it offers an extra element of safety. Integrated EasyClean Stain Resistance means that you can simply hose away spills without worrying about damaging your pool deck. Continue Umbriano throughout your hardscape, from your pool deck to walkways, driveways, and patios for a consistent look, and complement with the U-Cara Multi-Face for perfectly matching verticals.


If you want a fresh, modern look for your pool deck, Artline is a perfect choice. This plank-like paver comes in a number of different shades and finishes for a contemporary appearance. The multiple sizes allow you to customize your design to the proportions you desire. The plank-like style also creates the illusion of length, helping to make the area appear larger. This paver is a great complement to geometric pool shapes and landscape layouts, and can even be used to complement curves and circular designs when accented with borders. Because some of the color options come in an Umbriano finish, you can pair it with Umbriano pavers for a cohesive look with a splash of individuality.


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Brussels Block

For a more rustic look, Brussels Block offers the appearance of tumbled stone. Available in extra large, standard, and half sizes, as well as 6 different colors, Brussels Block gives you the option to complement a wide range of design themes and color schemes. Create intricate designs with accent pavers such as Copthorne, and continue them all throughout your hardscapes. With over 20 laying patterns available, Brussels Block allows you to create a pool deck rich in visual interest and detail. Brussels Block can be complemented with any number of Unilock Wall Units, but if you’re interested in seamless consistency, you can pair Brussels Block with the Brussels Dimensional System. This wall unit follows the same visual cues of tumbled quarried rock and is available in colors to perfectly complement a Brussels Block pool deck.

There are plenty more options available. Check out our Product Catalog for more inspiration.

The title image features an Umbriano pool deck with a U-Cara Multi-Face water feature.

Reliable and Aesthetically Pleasing Pavers for Your Glen Cove, NY Pool Deck

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