Pros and Cons of Using Natural Stone in Water Features in Bay City, MI | Unilock

Pros and Cons of Using Natural Stone in Water Features in Bay City, MI

Pros and Cons of Using Natural Stone in Water Features in Bay City, MI


The world of suburban landscaping is continuously evolving and expanding. When it comes to designing a water feature, for example, there is a near endless catalogue of designs to choose from. Similarly, there is a wonderful variety of materials from which modern water features can be built. However, it is important to ensure that your chosen material is completely compatible with its application and that it will produce a durable and aesthetically pleasing end product. Here are just a few advantages and disadvantages of using natural stone to construct a water feature in Bay City, MI:



Full, resonating sounds

Natural stone refers to a wide range of mined and collected stones, from granite to fieldstone. As a result, natural stone varies widely in its texture, color and density. Some varieties of natural stone are more dense than others. Experiment with the sounds different stones make when hit by a stream of water – some will be more resonant than others – and find the sound you like best. In this way, you can tailor the tranquil soundtrack of your landscape.


A boost in resale value

Natural stone has become synonymous with luxury. As a result, buyers are prepared to part with a bit more once they’ve spotted a few stone features in the backyard. Fortunately, it doesn’t necessarily take a large fortune to adorn your landscape with a few stone features and boost its resale value. Focussing your use of natural stone to a key focal point, like a water feature, can ensure that you catch the maximum amount of attention with a small amount of stone. Alternatively, you can use the stone throughout your landscape as a motif. Consider Unilock Sandstone or Limestone to complement raw natural stone features in your landscape.

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Minimal maintenance

Natural stone is moulded and refined by the forces of nature. The stone nestled in your backyard doesn’t require any assistance retaining its beauty or structural integrity. In fact, natural stone is renowned for looking better with age! You will, however, have to maintain the pump of your water feature and ensure that the reservoir is always full. You will also have to clear leaves, debris and algae from the water periodically. However, the natural stone itself won’t require any repainting or repairing. In addition, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is specially treated for durability and strength.



Can be costly

Working with unprocessed natural stone often requires a lot more labour than working with manufactured concrete units. While concrete units are relatively easy to handle, shaping and installing raw natural stone is more labor intensive. Raw natural stone, due to its unique qualities and the work that goes into sourcing and transporting it, can also be particularly expensive to attain. As an alternative, consider Unilock wall units that capture the aged character and organic appeal of natural stone, such as Estate Wall, Rivercrest Wall or RomanPisa.


May require treatment

Some varieties of natural stone absorb water more readily than others. While dense igneous varieties, like granite, absorb less liquid than metamorphic stones, like marble, you may need to treat your chosen stone with a waterproof sealer. Touch-ups may need to be made to the sealer to ensure long-lasting protection against the effects of moisture – another good reason to opt for specially treated Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone or Unilock concrete wall units.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall pool-integrated water feature.


Pros and Cons of Using Natural Stone in Water Features in Bay City


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