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Pros and Cons of Different Fire Pit Fuel Options in Cincinnati, OH

Pros and Cons of Different Fire Pit Fuel Options in Cincinnati, OH


Enhance your Cincinnati, OH, outdoor living area with the right fire pit design and the best fueling option for your purposes. Whether you prefer low maintenance and convenience, the authentic aroma of woodsmoke, or a clean, smokeless fire, choosing the right fueling option for your fire pit is essential. Here’s how you can decide which one is right for you:


Traditional Wood-Burning Fire Pit

The traditional wood fire pit is perfect for homeowners who enjoy the authenticity and ambience of crackling logs, woodsmoke, and dancing flames. This fire pit fueling option is also especially suitable for homeowners who don’t have the option of running a gas line. The campfire feel produced by the wood burning fire pit is incomparable. This fire pit option adds a unique visual warmth and gorgeous appeal to the patio that will have guests gathering and conversing in no time. A wood-burning fire pit is ideal for outdoor evenings all year-round. Consider the Unilock Rivercrest Firepit Kit, which includes a fire pit grill that fits securely into the fire pit, for an instant solution for your patio. Rivercrest Wall presents the natural look of stacked flagstone, in neutral colors and a weathered surface, perfect for a rustic or traditional patio.

Storage of firewood is an issue of the past with Unilock concrete blocks. Add an attractive storage spot nearby or under your built-in seating with the beautiful, highly adaptable Brussels Dimensional Stone.

Consult a Unilock Authorized Contractor to help you set your fire pit up from start to finish. Maximize the use of the outdoors with a fire pit and a lovely, comfortable fire pit seating area right from the start of your project.

While some enjoy the process of making a fire, stoking the coals to keep it burning and adding logs to flames, others may prefer not to have to worry about these things. People with allergies may also find the smoke of a wood-burning to be uncomfortable. If this sounds like you, you may prefer one of the following options instead.

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Gas Fire Pit

A gas fire pit may not give off the intoxicating scent of woodsmoke, but it is a more convenient option than a wood burning fire pit. This fire pit is quick and easy to start, and once the gas is shut off, it stops burning, offering safety and peace of mind. A natural gas fire pit doesn’t give off smoke or embers, so it’s ideal for those with allergies.

A gas fire pit needs a gas line to be run to the outdoor area. The advantage here being that once run, you won’t have to worry about refilling tanks or stocking up on firewood. If you decide to run a gas line and need an instant fire pit for your existing patio, consider the Sunset Firepit Kit. If the old-world look of the Sunset Firepit Kit doesn’t match the theme of the patio, consider the modern look of Lineo Dimensional Stone, a decorative wall unit that is perfect for building a modern-themed fire pit from the scratch.


Propane Fire Pit

As with natural gas fire pits, propane fire pits are easy to light up, and they don’t produce any smoke or embers. The propane tank of the fire pit will need to be filled occasionally, but this can save you the trouble of having a gas line extended to your patio. A propane fire pit will quickly become the focal point of your outdoor area, because of their beautiful flame and low attention requirements. To add a finishing touch to your propane fire pit, select the natural appearance of Ledgestone.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall fire pit on a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Copthorne accents.



Pros and Cons of Different Fire Pit Fuel Options in Cincinnati, OH


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