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Porcelain Tiles for a Stunning Pool Deck in Mississauga

Along with a vast range of concrete products, Unilock also stocks a range of premium quality porcelain tiles imported through a reliable supplier from Europe. The tiles are ideal for swimming pool decks in Mississauga, ON, where homeowners look to materials that are both beautiful and durable. Porcelain tile installations easily provide both of these qualities. Here are a few stunning options to give your pool deck the luxurious appeal of porcelain and its multitude of realistic textured finishes. The versatility of porcelain means that these tiles are able to assume the appearance of materials as diverse as natural stone and even wood, fooling even the most astute observer. The mastercrafted details of these porcelain tiles for your pool deck or patio areas is simply astounding. Take a look:

Travstone Beige Del Conca USA

Travstone Beige gives your pool deck the luxurious look of honed beige travertine. The subtle beige coloring and realistic surface of this tile is in perfect keeping with a mediterranean poolside theme. Travstone Beige looks and feels like real travertine with its subtly pitted surface and silky texture. Natural travertine is one of the softest and most fragile natural stones used in landscaping. It is also highly susceptible to staining and even mild acid solutions. However, Travstone Beige achieves the look of travertine while giving your pool deck the durability and ease of cleaning provided by porcelain.

Epokal Beige Scuro Del Conca

This porcelain tile perfectly replicates the grain and finish of scrubbed wood, making this a unique poolside element. Epokal Beige is ideal for achieving the warmth and character of real wood in situations where using timber is simply not feasible due to the high level of maintenance wooden pool decks require.

Epokal Grey Del Conca

With its grey coloring, Epokal Grey adds the warm texture of wood to your pool deck while maintaining a neutral color tone. This makes it well suited to a range of color tones and won’t clash with your pool furniture. Its smooth, planed surface coupled with its subtle coloring is ideal for achieving a gentle elegance.

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DaVinci Driftwood Del Conca

For a more textured approach, DaVinci Driftwood captures the essence of wood aged and cured by saltwater and the sea breeze. The high texture and supreme detail of this tile’s wood grain is simply remarkable and indistinguishable from the real thing. The rich and natural gradients of color displayed by DaVinci Driftwood further add to its authentic, unmistakeable appeal.

DaVinci Birch Del Conca

Lighter in coloring than DaVinci Driftwood, DaVinci Birch offers the appearance of salt scrubbed birchwood complete with knots and deep, split grain. This tile is ideal for contributing to a beach cottage theme for your pool deck or pool patio. The light coloring also ensures a consistent, comfortable temperature, ideal for tanning and poolside patio areas.

Golden Stone Caesar

Golden Stone employs porcelain to achieve the look and feel of natural sandstone. Use this tile to add the sunkissed gold of untouched beaches to your pool area.

The title image features a pool patio and walkway paved with Unilock porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tiles for a Stunning Pool Deck in Mississauga ON

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