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The Perfect Retaining Wall for Built-in Seating in Ottawa, ON

Ottawa, ON Seat Walls, Built-in Retaining Walls
When designing built-in seating into your outdoor living spaces, it is important to consider that the retaining walls used offer both form and style, as well as function. The optimal height of a seating wall is generally between 18 and 21 inches, making the segmental nature of retaining walls such as Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall perfect for the job. Working with an experienced landscape professional, collaborate to decide on exactly what you are hoping the built-in seating will offer to you and your guests, as well as the style you want to see outside your home. Here, we look at a few of the important things to look for in the perfect retaining wall product for creating seating walls.

Ability to build both straight and curved walls

Depending on the exact style of your home and the accompanying landscape design, a retaining wall’s ability to build curves will vary in importance. Overall, it’s a great idea to choose a retaining wall system that can easily be used to build clean-lined contemporary designs, as well as free-flowing rustic backyard creations. This factor, amongst many others, is a reason that beginning your outdoor living project with a design plan is super important. Consider the shapes involved in your patio and built-in seating when selecting a retaining wall.

Works with beautiful capping/coping materials

The finishing touch on retaining walls used for built-in seating is the top capping. In the case of seating walls, the cap material becomes even more important than with traditional retaining walls because it acts as the actual “seat” for those that are relaxing on it. Be sure to select a retaining wall manufacturer that offers products that create a polished look at the top of the wall. Unilock’s Ledgestone Coping is a great looking, versatile cap option for all styles of seating walls.

Cutting-edge colors and finishes

With the incredible array of building materials on the market today, there is no reason for any Ottawa, ON homeowner to settle for a retaining wall product that doesn’t look great. Built-in seating walls are often a focal point of a landscape design, so be sure to choose a product that makes a statement. Choose a color and a finish that works well with the style and architecture of your home so that the outdoor living spaces you create feel one with your interior spaces. For more inspiration, visit Unilock’s Design Ideas Catalog here.
Ottawa, ON Retaining Walls for Built-In Seating


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