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Perfect Fire Pit Placement for your Youngstown, OH Landscape

Having chosen a fire pit for your backyard in Youngstown, OH, there’s one important decision left to make: where to put it. The final placement for your fire pit can have an impact on the visual appeal of your landscape and safety of your backyard. Here are some points on how to select the ideal spot to allow you and your guests optimal enjoyment of your new fire feature.

Creating a focal point

A fire pit makes an excellent centerpiece for a backyard or outdoor area. Placing it in a location where it can be viewed from gathering points in the backyard such as the pool, outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining area can create the most impact. Choose an area that is easily accessible from these points to make movement between them more fluid or create a walkway between them using pavers that match your fire pit or hardscape. At Unilock, we offer a vast range of complementary products such that you can easily match your fire pit and hardscaping to your tastes. Our popular Brussels Dimensional Stone Sunset Fire Pit, for example, can be paired with our Brussels Block pavers to create a walkway to keep your design consistent.

Complementing a view

Should you have a backyard with a view, you might consider placing the fire pit where you and your family or guests can enjoy its effect while taking in the surroundings. Seating placement should also be given some thought so that your fire pit remains both practical and aesthetically striking.

Visibility from indoors

If you intend to be splitting your time between the outdoors and indoors, consider placing the fire pit where it is also visible from your living room or indoor entertainment space. This way, both the people indoors and outdoors can enjoy its visual benefits. This will also make supervision of the fire infinitely easier. At Unilock, designs such as the Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit provide an aesthetically pleasing flagstone finish that can be appreciated even when the pit is not in use.

Level surface

Make sure that the surface where the pit is being placed in non-combustible, heat tolerant and level. Ideal choices for a surface are concrete pavers or stone. Not only is this important for aesthetics but it is also imperative for safety.

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Make certain the fire pit is in an open area with no overhanging tree limbs within ten feet. Reserve at least seven feet of free space around the outer edge to provide room for ideal seating placement. It should also be at a safe distance from combustible structures such as gazebos or sheds. Take wind direction into consideration to make sure that the smoke does not blow towards your house or dining area. Follow specific guidelines from your fire department or the Youngstown city council for specific distances.

Contrast with water

Consider placing your fire pit with a water feature or your pool within viewing distance from the seating. The contrast of these two elements can create a pleasing visual effect. A poolside fire pit is also a great place to warm up after a swim.

The title image features an Estate Wall fire pit and seat wall, topped with Brussels Fullnose coping.

Perfect Fire Pit Placement for your Youngstown, Ohio Landscape

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