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Perfect Features to Include in your Hardscape in Cleveland, Ohio

Having a landscape that radiates natural beauty is a worthwhile achievement. Carefully selecting plants, flowers and trees is crucial, however, making sure that your man-made features are stunning is just as important. In the end, your hardscape should merge with your softscape to create a well-rounded masterpiece.

Perfect Walkways

Walkways are often overlooked in a landscape, given that they don’t form a central focus of the landscape. Instead, they give flow and structure to your property and can take you on a journey, weaving past the beautiful elements of your landscape and protect your grass and plants from being stepped on.
Choosing the right design for your pathways is as simple as matching it to the theme of your yard or property. For example, cobblestone-style walkways such as Courtstone pavers make an excellent accompaniment to facebrick manorial homes and sleek plank-style pavers such as Artline are ideal for a modern setting. If you’re unsure, you can always consult a Unilock Authorized Contractor for advice. They will also be able to help with the installation of your walkways and ensure that you get the most out of your Unilock products.

Aesthetic and Functional Walls

Retaining walls are important for the structure of your yard and can be a super space saver for sloping backyards. However, retaining walls don’t have to be eyesores. With the right design and materials, retaining walls can drastically improve the look of your outdoor spaces, while also protecting them from soil erosion.
Unilock offers a wide selection for finding the right material for retaining walls, low walls and seating walls in your landscape. Estate Wall, for example, has the appearance of quarried natural stone blocks, while Rivercrest Wall offers the look and feel of stacked flagstone for your outdoor spaces. Both are extremely durable, versatile and easy to install.

Party on the Patio

A patio is the perfect place to relax and delight in your surroundings, and there is no better location to entertain guests with food, drink, and fun. A patio is essentially the social focal point of your outdoor spaces, and therefore one of the most important components of your hardscape. Patios can be built from a number of different materials, but among the most durable and versatile of all are concrete and natural stone pavers from Unilock – sturdy, low maintenance, and available in a variety of beautiful styles to create the desired visual effect.
Once your patio is built, you may wish to add additional features to enhance its character and warmth. A fire pit is an ideal feature for placement on your patio, creating a welcoming atmosphere with the excitement of crackling flames. If fire isn’t your thing, consider incorporating a water feature into your patio. Fountains and waterfall features are ideal for creating a relaxing ambience with the gentle sound of flowing water. Patio-side ponds are also a solid option for enhancing the setting with the sight of fish swimming lazily in the afternoon sun.

The title image features a fire table and low seating wall built from Lineo Dimensional Stone, set on an Artline paved patio.

Perfect Features to Include in your Hardscape in Cleveland, Ohio


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