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These Pavers Will Add an Authentic Flagstone Texture to Somers, NY, Hardscapes

Being unable to find pavers with authentic appeal may have been a hinderance to hardscape construction in the past, but Unilock now offers a variety of pavers that add the authentic look and feel of flagstone to any landscape. As you consider a patio remodel in Somers, NY, look to these Unilock options for your hardscape design; each of these series provides a convincing substitute to flagstone, each with its own unique benefits and characteristics.

Westport Classic

The gentle indentations of flagstone textured surfaces adorn Westport Classic pavers. In a random bundle, you’ll receive two differently sized rectangle pieces along with one square piece for a perfectly random layout pattern, reminiscent of flagstone patios. Additionally, Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra colors allow for a design that is complementary to a wide range of architectural styles and color schemes.

Treo Classic

If the area in question is smaller in size, smaller units can help to ensure that the landscape remains balanced. Treo Classic fits the bill well, providing flagstone-inspired textures in smaller pieces with the same rectangular and square formats. The shades offered consist of Almond Grove, Granite Blend, and Sierra, providing a quality aesthetic for all sorts of properties.


Three sizes that work together along with flagstone texture is offered yet again in Thornbury pavers. This series also offers EnduraColor FaceMix technology, specially designed to prevent fading and provide the strength necessary to accommodate driveway projects. These rectangular units come in the colors of Bavarian, Almond Grove, New York Blend, and Sierra. This realistically textured paver ensures that your hardscape retains a natural look and feel.

The title image features a patio paved with Thornbury from Unilock, with a Town Hall accent.


Bristol Valley

With a less rough flagstone surface, Bristol Valley provides a moderate, but authentic flagstone alternative. This paver option is tough and durable, created with specific manufacturing processes designed to prevent fading and staining. Two rectangles and one square make up the available pieces in Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra shades. The authenticity of the texture is further enhanced by the natural and subtle shading of the paver pieces.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

A remarkably glamorous flagstone alternative comes in the form of Beacon Hill Flagstone. This series is perfect for the modern or traditional patio space and is resistant to wear and fading. Offered in the typical two rectangles with one square bundle, Beacon Hill Flagstone offers the authenticity of a randomized surface. The color options provide authentic natural shades that include Almond Grove, Bavarian, Coffee Creek, New York Blend, Sierra, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany. Casual but sophisticated, this paver provides all the punch of flagstone with none of the negatives.


Finally, Richcliff offers extra authentic flagstone texture along with natural coloring, multi-sized pieces, and a relaxed, classy aesthetic. This series also provides fade and stain resistance, incredible strength, and easy installation and care that isn’t easily accomplished with natural flagstone. The Dawn Mist or Pebble Taupe color options, either individually or blended, provide realistic shading with long lasting reliability. No matter the hardscape, this paving option is perfect for achieving a relaxed flagstone appearance.


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These Pavers Will Add an Authentic Flagstone Texture to Somers, NY, Hardscapes

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