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Pavers Provide a Warm Welcome to Homes in Saginaw, Bay City & Midland, MI

Pavers can serve to provide a warm welcome to your home in Saginaw, Bay City, or Midland, Michigan. Your entranceway, driveway, walkways, and outdoor living areas beckon family and friends and provide a connection with your neighborhood. With Unilock pavers, you can create an inviting area where you’ll greet guests, converse with your neighbors, watch your children safely board the school bus, showcase your holiday decorations, or simply relax after dinner and enjoy some fresh air.
Beautiful pavers from Unilock can transform a house by conveying the impression of a comfortable home that is truly loved by its owners. From your visitors’ perspective, your home will appear fresh, neat, clean, orderly, and well-maintained. In addition, paving stones are a timeless enhancement that can add to the curb appeal of your home, should you one day decide to sell.
Aside from their stunning appearance, our Unilock Select™ line of pavers offer numerous benefits when used for entrances, walkways, and other landscaping:
• A non-slip surface provides enhanced safety, even in wet conditions
• Impervious to brutal Michigan winters, Unilock pavers will flex without cracking when exposed to freezing temperatures
• The vibrant colors and lasting beauty are unaffected by de-icing salt and most household cleaning products
• Optional Skyfuel™ lights, which are embedded in the stones, or NighTec™ pavers, which glow in the dark, can help light the way
• Matching Unilock walls allow you to seamlessly incorporate complementary steps, pillars, and seating areas
When choosing pavers for your entranceway or other landscaping project, allow the exterior of your home to set the stage. Consider replicating and building upon its architectural features to create a cohesive look and feel. And, if you’re not quite sure where to begin, Unilock can help.
Contact us today to begin exploring the options for your home in Saginaw, Bay City, or Midland, Michigan. We’ll be happy to arrange a free estimate with a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

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