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Unilock Pavers Set the Standard for Quality in Detroit & Dearborn MI

Unilock pavers set the standard for quality, and our quality has been trusted for years by countless homeowners and design professionals throughout Detroit and Dearborn, Michigan, and beyond. A family-owned company with unparalleled experience, Unilock introduced North America to concrete pavers back in 1973. Since then, we’ve continually invested in the future of landscape design to ensure that we consistently provide our customers with the best pavers in terms of quality, manufacturing technology, and beauty. With Unilock pavers, you can rest assured that the appearance of your driveway, walkway, patio, or other home project will stand the test of time.
Unilock Select™ pavers are suitable for a variety of landscaping applications. One popular option is to create or replace an existing deck or patio. With beautiful paving stones, you can also create a functional outdoor living space that is a true extension of your home, where you can comfortably connect with family and friends away from life’s distractions.
While designing a new outdoor space with pavers is surely an exciting prospect, you might understandably feel a little overwhelmed. After all, you’ll be making a significant investment in your home that will provide benefits for many years to come. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Unilock offers the following tips to help guide you through the process:
• Define your goals for the project – a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve will be very helpful in choosing among the many design options available.
• Consider a visit to our expansive Outdoor Idea Center in Brighton, MI – you’ll have the opportunity to see, touch, compare, and experience firsthand the wide variety of pavers we offer.
• Request samples of the products you like – our lightweight and easy-to-carry Uvision™ sample sheets are printed to scale and color-corrected to help narrow your options, and samples of our actual pavers will facilitate your ultimate choice.
• Ask questions – Our expert team members are anxious to share their knowledge and are always available to help.
An elegant patio or landscaping project constructed of Unilock pavers will be the focal point of your yard and can provide the perfect complement to a garden, swimming pool, or manicured lawn. This inviting space will inspire you to gather with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful outdoor setting – and you won’t even have to leave home to do so.
Contact Unilock today for a free estimate from a Unilock Authorized Contractor on pavers for your home in Detroit or Dearborn, MI.

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