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Pavers for Contrasting Color and Texture for your Hamilton and Waterloo Driveway

Whether you choose a monochromatic design that contrasts with your home and the textures of the surrounding features, or a complicated pattern with bold, contrasting accents, Unilock offers high quality pavers with abundant options for unique color and texture combinations for patios, walkways, driveways, and other surfaces. Best of all, when you order from Unilock, you can depend on excellent quality, extreme durability, and easy maintenance. Here are some products ideal for creating this sort of variation in order to highlight and enhance your outdoor spaces.


One of the most important tricks for a standout landscape is the use of accents. Using one accent color as a unifying element throughout the entire design can tie together numerous features and visually connect separate spaces. Unigranite offered by Unilock comes in the Dark Charcoal color and is widely used to create stunning borders and well-placed accents. These dark units stand out against lighter pavers and create a contrast in texture against most other pavers with their hand-hewn surface detail, all while highlighting the cohesiveness of your landscape design.

Double Holland

Another paver option for creating appealing contrast for your driveway and other outdoor spaces is Double Holland. The colors offered include Dark Charcoal, Granite, Natural, and Terra Cotta, each with a fine texture and bevelled edge. These 8×8 units are easily installed, and the varying colors available make patterning simple to plan and implement. These pavers can be installed in juxtaposition to rustic textures for a strong tactile contrast, while incorporating both Dark Charcoal and Natural can create a visual contrast between light and dark.

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The Senzo paver is yet another paving option from Unilock that is great for creating accent bands, and the contrast of color is inherent to the individual units. This paver is particularly appropriate for modern and contemporary architectural styles rather than more traditional or farmhouse aesthetics. Since this option is available in colors that include Castano, Cremo, and Nuvola, they work well to complement other similar style pavers with a contrasting texture or color. Moreover, the non-slip, fade-resistant, true to shade units will maximize the safety and life of your landscaping projects.

Brussels Block

Brussels Block is a timeless option for your driveway, walkways, patios, and other features. The six shades of weathered paving units offered by Brussels Block allow you to choose the best accent color for your design and gain an interesting texture with its tumbled time-worn surface. Whether you choose to separate patio areas by using borders or simply accentuate hot spots of design, these units speak of home and comfort when used in hardscaping. Use contrast to create well-defined functional spaces within your landscape and break up the expanse of your driveway.


For larger spaces, Europaver units will allow you to create a formal, structured pattern by creating designs with the various contrasting colors offered. These shades include Burnt Oak, Coffee Creek, Dark Charcoal, and Granite Blend. For your driveway, patio, or walkway, this option will transform your yard into a property with the sophistication of an manorial estate. Create paths, centers of interest, or a luxurious pool deck that will impress your guests and last the lifetime of your home.

The title image features a driveway paved with Brussels Block in Sierra with a Terra Cotta Double Holland border.

Pavers for Contrasting Color and Texture for your Hamilton and Waterloo ON Driveway

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