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Paver Installation Oakland County MI

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Paver Installation by Unilock – Count on Us to Get the Job Done Right in Oakland County, MI

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for paver installation in Oakland, County, MI, your search ends with Unilock. Through our wide network of Unilock Authorized Contractors, we can put you in touch with a proven expert who will not only perform meticulous paver installation, but also can draw on his or her extensive knowledge to help you select the right Unilock products to create the perfect home landscape design for you. As a family-owned business with industry experience spanning more than 40 years, we set the standards for quality, innovation, and value by which all others are measured. And, if you choose to accent your residence with a premium landscaping project by Unilock, we’re confident that you’ll agree.

No matter what type of project you envision for your Oakland County home – a driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, outdoor kitchen, courtyard, or any other creation – paver installation by Unilock is a sure way to achieve long-lasting beauty and durability. The reason? Our concrete paving stones incorporate state-of-the-art technology that makes them impervious to:

• Extreme weather conditions, including the unforgiving freeze-thaw cycles of Michigan winters
• Oil, gas, and even acid spills
• De-icing salt
• Heavy traffic loads
• Chlorine and other pool and household chemicals
• Salt water
• UV rays from the sun
• Chewing gum

What’s more, with paver installation by Unilock, it’s easy to showcase your home and make it stand out among the others in your neighborhood. We offer many style and design options along with a full palette of designer-inspired colors, so you can unleash your creativity and design an original and fully functional look to perfectly complement your landscape.

To learn more about paver installation for your home in Oakland County, MI, please contact Unilock today. We’ll be happy to provide more information along with a free estimate for your project.

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