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Paver and Wall Unit Combinations for Outdoor Kitchens in Cincinnati, OH

Paver and Wall Unit Combinations for Outdoor Kitchens in Cincinnati, OH


The right paver and wall unit combination can help make your Cincinnati, OH, home’s outdoor kitchen the focal point of your backyard. With Unilock, you have a wide range of paver and wall units available to you that can be integrated seamlessly together to create a range of beautiful designs for outdoor kitchens and living areas.


Brussels Dimensional Stone, Series and Unigranite

Brussels Dimensional Stone is a truly classic wall unit, featuring a tumbled appearance and weathered surface texture. Its subtle natural stone coloring also makes it easy to match to a wide range of color schemes. The relaxed appearance also makes it a prime candidate if you want to create a contrasting look with a dynamic paver such as Series. Series presents a contemporary design, with washed surface texture and clean cut edges to offset the weathered Brussels Block pavers and Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals. The wide range of strong colors such as Onyx Black and Mocha Brown mean that Series pavers can really make your outdoor kitchen flooring stand out against the subtle hues of Brussels Dimensional Stone. For a more complementary look, you can choose the more subtle Mineral Ice and Cobalt Grey. The versatile Unigranite paver can also be integrated into the design to create contrasting bands of dark grey against the lighter Brussels Dimensional Stone, to make the kitchen island truly one of a kind.


Rivercrest Wall and Il Campo

Rivercrest Wall is the ideal wall unit for achieving the rustic stacked stone look for your outdoor kitchen. Available in both Buff and Coastal Slate colors, the wall unit features a wide range of component sizes to ease installation. In contrast to the classic stacked stone look, Il Campo is a truly unique paver with its brushed surface texture and vibrant color options. The strong Heritage Brown, Mocha, and Dark Charcoal can not only be used to pave the floor of your outdoor kitchen but can also be integrated into the construction of the grill island to create contrasting bands. Meanwhile, the brushed irregular lines carved across each paver create a complementary texture to the nonuniformity of the stacked stone look of Rivercrest Wall. This can create a richly textured look and feel that can help your outdoor kitchen be a central feature of your backyard.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone and Richcliff

In contrast to Rivercrest Wall and Brussels Block, Lineo Dimensional Stone features a contemporary design to give your outdoor kitchen island a modern and minimalist look. The stone features a smooth surface texture with clear, distinct shadow lines. The color options match the fresh look with dynamic hues such as Platinum, Sierra, and Walnut giving your kitchen a distinct look. Complementing all these modern design cues is the elegantly styled Richcliff paving stone. The paver features a clean design with straight, clean cut edges and allows you to have minimal gaps between the interlocking components. The weathered surface texture, created from molds of actual natural stone, sets the paver apart from the otherwise contemporary design. The surface features embossed crevices and folds to give the paver a wonderfully elegant look. This makes this unique combination an excellent choice for more modern backyards.



Paver and Wall Unit Combinations for Outdoor Kitchens in Cincinnati, OH

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