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Patio Stones and Wall Blocks to Complete your Kitchener Backyard Design

Before the construction of your landscape remodel begins, it’s always a good idea to consider every aspect to ensure that the design is cohesive, complementary, and functional. Discovering after the fact that one structure clashes with another or that function is limited will cause unnecessary frustration. For hardscape construction, Unilock offers a plethora of concrete pavers, vertical building units, and coping materials to meet every potential preference of shade, design, or architectural style in Kitchener, ON and make for an easy match and functional design for your property.


Driveways, patios, and walkway surfaces are integral to any landscape design. These structures section off your property into functional units, making sense of your space, and when structured thoughtfully, create flow between spaces and a dynamic atmosphere within your property. Your choice of stone will largely depend on the architectural style of your home and your personal tastes.

Brussels Block

To achieve a natural, cobblestone feel within your yard, Brussels Block by Unilock has a great degree of versatility. With so many colors available and a timeless appearance, you can use these units to plan a meandering path through your softscape and yard features or an efficient walkway system designed to protect the grass and your guests’ shoes.


Another option particularly well-suited to those with a love for the country aesthetic and abundant plant-life is Mattoni. These units are reminiscent of Roman brick but with a contemporary interpretation. The rich, natural shades and narrow stones make it easy to design a country pathway with curves or intricate patterns. The detail possible will enhance your plans and make your walkways and patio a quality feature of your landscape design.

Vertical Building Units

Whether you include water features, fire features, an outdoor kitchen, or any other structure, the design should remain consistent within the plan; from the colors chosen to the style of building blocks used. These wallstones ensure a range of possibilities and universal appeal to match any home.

Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall is a traditional yet classy option for creating vertical hardscape features. For those with a soft spot for the romantic past or a home close to coastal living, this stacked flagstone alternative is advantageous to any landscaping grand plan.

Brussels Dimensional Stone

Another choice for building landscape features that is versatile and high quality is Brussels Dimensional Stone. Suitable for both contemporary and country homes, this stone brings warmth and elegance into any design with subtle shading and natural aesthetics. You can find the corner pieces, coping, and three different sizes of blocks to simplify construction of any landscape wall or other vertical feature.


Too often taken for granted, the coping that you choose for your retaining walls, pools, and other vertical structures is critical for both longevity and a finished aesthetic. This material protects the structure from water and can maximize both the appearance and safety of particular features.

Brussels Fullnose Coping

For features where the physical body will come into contact with the coping, a smooth surface with rounded edges ensures comfort. If you’re incorporating a swimming pool into your design or planning to use wall space as extra seating, Brussels Fullnose coping offers the perfect solution.

Ledgestone Coping

Ledgestone provides another safe and comfortable option for coping. Ledgestone can be used anywhere with almost any style wall. The available colors make the selection process an easy one. Non-slip and realistic surfaces, ensure a safe and satisfying finish for your vertical features pool edges.

The title image features a patio paved with Richcliff in Dawn Mist, enclosed by a Basalt Courstone border and seating wall built from Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate.

Patio Stones and Wall Blocks to Complete your Kitchener ON Backyard Design

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