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Patio Stones for Adding Elegance and Character to your Kitchener Landscape Design

If you’re looking to create the ultimate space for outdoor relaxation and enjoyment in your Kitchener, ON, landscape, you’ll need patio stones that add elegance and authentic character. These will form the foundation of a multidimensional space where you can host your next party or relax with your family. That is why adding a personal touch to your landscape design with quality paving is so important. Here are some great options specially selected for the Kitchener area.

Contemporary Sophistication

For a sophisticated, modern look for your landscape, consider large format pavers with clean lines and smooth surface textures. Unilock Umbriano pavers offer the natural look and feel of granite and are ideal for your pool deck, driveway or patio because of their non-slip, stain-resistant surface. Umbriano pavers will help you achieve a contemporary elegance while providing a durable, low maintenance surface. Large format pavers create a more spacious appearance by limiting jointing lines that interrupt the eye. A similar effect can be achieved by choosing a jointing compound of a similar color to the pavers.

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Old World Elegance

Another option for your landscape design is giving your driveway, patio and walkways a cobbled, old-world look. The classical elegance that smaller pavers create gives your landscape an authentic look rich in antique character. Courtstone pavers recreate the old European charm. Despite their irregular visible edges, Courtstone is easy to install, locking tightly together beneath the surface. These Unilock pavers are crafted using a specialized process to include all the detail of authentic cobblestone.

Match the Color

Even though there are no rules when choosing colors for your landscape, the project as a whole should be balanced to maintain a cohesive look. A great way to achieve balance is to combine neutral colors with vibrant tones that accent other aspects of your hardscape, softscape or architecture. Copthorne pavers, for example, provide the perfect paving stone accent for homes that incorporate brick in their facade. The rich red and earthy colors of Copthorne include Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay and Old Oak, and a blend of any two of these is also an attractive option.

The Look of Natural Stone

Natural stone such as bluestone and flagstone adds an attractive element to your landscape design, but if you’re looking for longterm durability, concrete is the way to go. Consider opting for Beacon Hill Flagstone to achieve a sophisticated, historic look for your patio, rich with the detail and texture of real flagstone. This paver’s natural appearance and subtle surface coloring adds to your home’s curb appeal and ensures safety with its non-slip surfaces.
For a more modern design consider Richcliff pavers whose realistic texture is sure to give your poolside patio a unique look. Richcliff is up to four times stronger than ordinary concrete which makes it an ideal choice for any hardscaped area. These can even be combined with Courtstone or Copthorne pavers for stunning borders and accents. As a substitute for bluestone, Thornbury is the right paver for your landscape. This paver has a modestly textured surface that gives your home a pleasing touch.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio in Almond Grove Fusion.

Patio Stones for Adding Elegance and Character to your Kitchener Landscape Design


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