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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Patio Stone in Ottawa, ON

Patio Stone Ottawa, ON
Your choice of patio stone, just like any other major investment in your home, deserves some careful deliberation. Unwise decisions can lead to high-maintenance surfaces that become dated and require renovations or regular repairs. Feel free to customize your patio floor by combining different materials and integrating natural elements into your hardscape, which also add character to your outdoor rooms and break up large stone surfaces. Here are three tips to simplify your search for the perfect patio stone for your Ottawa, ON landscaping project.

Consider your patio style

Refer to the architectural style of your home when choosing between rustic and modern patio stones. A contemporary patio can be enhanced by sleek pavers with clean edges, such as Unilock’s Senzo pavers which boast a range of unique color gradients. For a more traditional design, consider invoking the charm of classic brick pavers with Unilock’s Copthorne pavers. Both of these patio stones are conveniently durable and can withstand excessive wear and tear while remaining beautiful and functional.
Your color choices can either contrast or complement the existing exterior of your home. Create casual spaces using fun, bold contrasts or more formal areas in muted shades. Contrasting colors can also be used to create borders along your patio floor that separate different outdoor rooms and add variation to the patio surface. You should also keep the size of your patio in mind when selecting the color of your stone. For example, a modest bistro patio can be made to appear larger by utilizing light shades such as the Summer Wheat variation of Unilock’s Umbriano pavers. Enhance the ambience of your cozy entertainment area by integrating visual warmth in the color of your patio stone. Opting for concrete pavers will grant you a wider color range than natural stone.

Determine your patio’s exposure to wear and tear

Your choice of patio stone should reflect the amount and the intensity of the use the space will receive. For instance, owners of uncovered patios should avoid porous stones, as they bear little resistance to the growth of algae. Areas regularly exposed to moisture, such as poolside patios, should also have a non-skid surface. This can be achieved by utilizing certain natural and artificial pavers with textured surfaces. All of Unilock’s concrete pavers are naturally slip-resistant and come backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. Natural Stone by Unilock ages gracefully and some areas of the world lend themselves to the naturalistic hues found in the product line.

Differentiate between concrete pavers and natural stone

Cost-effective concrete pavers often mimic natural stone and can serve as less expensive substitutes for Ottawa, ON homeowners. Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone, for example, is a concrete paver with much of the texture and appeal of natural stone, but offered at a fraction of the price. As mentioned above, however, some architectural styles and/or regions of the Ontario area, just lend themselves a bit more to the attributes of Natural Stone patio stones. Either way, it’s important to differentiate between the two patio stone choices while deciding which paver is right for your Ottawa, ON outdoor living project.
Patio Stones Ottawa, Ontario

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