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Uncovering Hot Patio Paver Design Trends for Ottawa, ON

Patio pavers Ottawa, Ontario
Your patio “floor” has a great impact on the style, spaciousness, and atmosphere of your overall outdoor living space. A patio can be designed to blend into the surrounding landscape and simply support other eye-catching features like grill islands and fire pits. Alternatively, one could make a focal point from the patio itself, incorporating complex paver patterns and color combinations. Consider the practicality of your patio design as well as its aesthetic role in your overall landscape design.

Large format patio pavers in Ottawa, ON

Large, rectangular patio pavers and clean, continuous lines are excellent additions to a contemporary Ottawa, ON residence. Create a subdued surface by utilizing these large pavers in muted shades, such as the Ice Grey color variation of Unilock’s Series 3000. This will allow vertical elements such as fountains and furniture to draw all the attention. Large format patio pavers can alternatively make a great visual impact – without the embellishment of smaller accent patterns. Richcliff pavers, for example, offer an embossed-type surface texture and a blend of different shades that can add visual depth and variation to any patio floor.
The use of large pavers is not limited to modern designs, however. Large natural stone like Flagstone with its irregular edges can offer a rustic patio adorned with plant life and romantic wrought iron furniture. Allowing for the growth of grass and ground cover between your flagstone patio pavers can allow your floor to flow into the surrounding landscape and will also result in a more permeable surface. Your permeable patio floor will allow rainwater to return to the soil rather than run off into storm-water drains.
Using large patio pavers can make a modest patio seem more spacious and comfortable. This is the result of having fewer joint lines, which for some, can hold a restrictive feeling. Minimizing the number of joint lines also lowers the maintenance demands of the surface as less dirt can settle within these grooves. In addition to easy cleaning, the use of large patio pavers in Ottawa, ON makes for a much smoother surface for furniture and walking in lady’s heels.

Borders and accents

Patio borders are used to enclose different outdoor rooms, essentially breaking up large expanses of stone. The width and color of your borders can be customized to suit the rest of your hardscape design. Opting for a color that complements the surrounding stone can make your patio design look unified. Consider incorporating ‘green space’ as a charming accent to your patio floor. Allow planting beds to separate different areas and surround focal points. Adding the softer tones of nature to your patio pavers in Ottawa, ON should make the area more tranquil.

Patio Pavers laying patterns

Laying your patio pavers in different patterns can allow you to create intricate details and add interest to your patio. The herringbone formation, for example, can be created using pavers of slightly different shades to add visual depth to the surface. Linear patterns such as running bond make a patio appear longer or wider, depending on the direction in which the pavers are laid. Vertical focal points such as fire pits can seem more substantiated when enclosed by circular paving patterns. When used in conjunction with other paving patterns, the circles can also serve to draw attention and interrupt a large, open space. Which patterns are possible depends on exactly which patio paver you select; visit this page for more on creating a “wow” effect using colors and textures.
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