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Patio Pavers Indianapolis IN

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Patio Pavers for Residents of Indianapolis, IN

If you need patio pavers for your home improvement project in Indianapolis, Indiana, Unilock is the best company to turn to. We’re the manufacturer that first introduced concrete paving stones to North America in 1973, and we’ve been revolutionizing the industry ever since. Our brand is one of the most trusted in the country, and we’re constantly improving our products with new technologies that give our driveway, walkway and patio pavers outstanding durability and lasting beauty.
No matter if you are planning to create a pool deck, revolutionize the entryway to your home or install a new backyard patio, Unilock Select™ pavers are available in a wide variety of designs, so you’re sure to find an ideal match for your project’s needs and your personal style. Our Unilock Select™ collection includes designs like:
• Torino™ – With the look and feel of hand-honed thermal bluestone, this paver has a light color and cool surface
• Thornbury™ – Modestly textured pavers that come in three different sizes, so they can be combined for a random look
• Rivenstone™ – For the elegant appearance of natural flagstone
• Town Hall™ – For traditional or permeable installation, these stones create the look of historical street pavers
• And many more
There are several benefits to choosing Unilock pavers for your patio or other outdoor project. First, our pavers are highly durable, with up to four times the strength of poured concrete and the ability to withstand harsh weather. Also, our concrete pavers require less maintenance than other materials like asphalt driveways that need sealing, and wood decks that need staining. Additionally, our broad range of color and texture options allows for truly unique designs that improve curb appeal and increase home resale values.
Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our vast selection of walkway, driveway and patio pavers for residential projects in Indianapolis, IN.

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