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Patio Pavers Davenport IA

The leading supplier of outdoor paver and wall product in Davenport, Iowa.

At Unilock, we offer the widest selection of pavers, walls and accessories to help to construct the perfect outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking to build a new outdoor patio or simply want to give your existing one a much-needed facelift, we have everything you need to get your project started.

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Patio Pavers for Home Landscaping in Davenport, IA

Unilock paver and wall products can be used to design a multitude of landscaping projects at your Davenport, IA, home. No matter the project, Unilock is sure to have the styles, colors, and textures to suit your project’s needs and meet your own unique taste. Our collection of pavers is designed with top-notch product technologies. For example, we offer products designed with Reala™, for super-realistic textures; EasyClean™ for integral stain resistance; and Ultima™ concrete, which makes our pavers up to four times stronger than poured concrete.

Some of the many pavers available include:

• Il Campo® – featuring brushed, irregular lines that are etched across each paver for a unique, detailed look.
• Thornbury™ – subtly textured pavers with three compatible sizes that create a random pattern.
• Copthorne® – for the appearance of brick street pavers used in old European towns.
• Umbriano® – with color and granite particles randomly dispersed for a beautiful mottled surface.
• And many more.
In 1972, Unilock was the first manufacturer to introduce concrete pavers to North America, and over the past 50 years, we have put more than 2 billion stones in the ground. Our pavers are protected by our Transferable Lifetime Guarantee, which protects the structural integrity of our paving stones, slabs, retaining wall units and natural stone in the event of poor installation or craftsmanship. Pavers will be replaced at no cost to you! Contact with us online today or phone 1-800-UNILOCK to learn about which pavers are available for you in Davenport, IA. We would be happy to connect you with a Unilock Authorized Contractor for a free estimate.

Perfect Pavers for Your Home in Davenport, Iowa

Since 1972, Unilock has been the hardscape industry leader in North America for paver and wall products. We offer high-quality pavers designed for use on outdoor patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks and more. Our cutting-edge products are been used to design extraordinary projects that stand the test of time. Our pavers can be installed year-round, on all types of material, including soil, existing concrete or brick. A finished Unilock project looks great, will last longer than traditional poured concrete, and will not crack or fade under harsh conditions.

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Unilock Paver Installation in Davenport, Iowa

Make sure you utilize a trusted authorized contractor to help you install your new Unilock paver patio or driveway project. Our authorized contractors have the knowledge and expertise needed to work with Unilock products, and will help take care of all aspects of your project from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about any surprises when it comes to your outdoor project. We’re here for you every step of the way!

Connect with us online or call 1-800-UNILOCK and let us help you get started on your next project.

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Several Benefits of Patio Pavers

Unilock pavers are a great investment for your home. They not only add value to your property, but deliver on aesthetic beauty and functionality with every paver. Installing with pavers comes with a laundry list of benefits that you will enjoy, including:

• Low-maintenance
• Easier to replace than poured-in-place concrete
• Design flexibility
• Functionality
• Highly durable and aesthetically pleasing

Unilock offers the best paving products in Davenport, Iowa. You can trust us to provide you with high-quality products that will help you to design stunning projects.

Paver Patios
Utilize pavers to create unique entertainment areas and lovely extensions to your backyard. Incorporate a luscious water feature, stunning fire feature, multi-purpose outdoor kitchen and decorative retaining walls with a wide selection of pavers.

Paver Walkways
Unilock pavers deliver on function and aesthetic beauty, making them perfect for your outdoor space. Consider using pavers for your front entrance walkway to enhance your landscaping and highlight your personal style.

Paver Driveways
Whether you’re designing a driveway for the first time or designing a brand new one, Unilock pavers a great choice to enhance your home’s elegance and deliver game-changing curb appeal. Compared to poured-in-place concrete, which is limiting in its design and color options, a paver driveway can come in a wide range of colors, styles and finishes to pair eloquently with your home’s architectural design and landscape.

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