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Patio Pavers to Complement Your Poolside in Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, Lawrence

The addition of a pool to your landscape or the re-design of your decking and patio can be transformational for your property. The opportunity to create a functional and beautiful area to relax around the pool shouldn’t be wasted. With the help of quality pavers from Unilock, you can design a poolside patio that makes pool care easier, protects your investment, and adds a greater depth of attractiveness to your Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City or Lawrence landscape. The following products from Unilock are especially appropriate – while they’re affordable, they also provide slip resistance, durability against both chlorine and salt, and color options that will complement your home and provide added comfort during those long, summer, poolside days.

Avante Ashlar

One ideal option for your poolside patio is Avante Ashlar paving stones from Unilock. These pavers resemble flagstone and come in many shapes and textures that create a random, natural, and unique aesthetic. While creating visual interest, Avante Ashlar pavers are sure to improve the functionality of your paved spaces. Precision cut in an L-shape, these pavers lock together tightly – a feature of particular importance to those designing a poolside patio. Water won’t damage your hardscape, and your patio will stand strong for many years. Moreover, the shades provided, Almond Grove and Shadow Creek, are light enough for comfortable bare foot strolling and maintain a neutral tone to complement your home and provide a contrast to the greenery in your landscape.

Brussels Block

Brussels Block is a popular poolside option for a reason. These pavers provide the classic feel of cobblestone with the durability you’d expect from a Unilock product. The color options offered include Coffee Creek, Limestone, Prairie, Sandstone, and Sierra, making this prime product an easy match for almost any residence. Property owners love the weathered texture of this product because it gives the patio area the relaxed feel of a lived-in and truly enjoyed backyard space. Many designers choose to incorporate accents and borders in order to customize this choice of paver and make the patio design truly unique. Choose this option to give your pool deck the classic, high quality aesthetic that it deserves.

Olde Greenwich Cobble

If your tastes tend to the unconventional, a cobblestone patio by the pool might be exactly what you need to suit your tastes and home. Olde Greenwich Cobble is a paver that offers flexibility for any style of architecture. Whether your home is modern or traditional, this option is appropriate because it successfully blends both styles. The rounded corners and slight indentations create a unique paver that is functional and attractive. Moreover, the color options are diverse. By choosing among Autumn Red, River Blend, or Sierra, you can transform the statement that the paver makes depending on the shade that you choose.

Bristol Valley

A modern twist on flagstone, Bristol Valley pavers have a more moderate texture and an appearance that is both modern and elegant. These pavers are resistant to both fading and staining, so the subtle and deep coloring will remain true over time, even when subjected to pool chemicals. The colors offered include Bavarian Blend, Steel Mountain, and Copper Ridge, all rich, deep shades that are ideal for property owners who prioritize sophisticated functionality.

The title image features poolside surrounds paved with Avante Ashlar in Shadow Creek with a Basalt Courtstone border.

Patio Pavers to Complement Your Poolside in Overland Park, Olathe, Kansas City, Lawrence

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