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Patio Paver Ottawa ON

The No. 1 leading supplier of outdoor pavers and patios in Ottawa, Ontario.

Unilock is the most trusted name for patio paving and hardscape products in Canada. We provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices.

Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all your outdoor needs. Whether you are looking for a new patio or need to repair an existing one, we have everything you need to get started.

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Turn to Unilock for Patio Paver Stones Perfect for Your Ottawa, ON, Home


If you’re seeking patio paver products that will give you a wide range of design options around your home in Ottawa, or other areas in Ontario, turn to Unilock. Since 1972, we’ve led the way in technological advances that allow us to offer our North American customers exceptionally strong pavers without sacrificing beauty. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a larger, more attractive collection of patio paver products engineered to look gorgeous for years.


Our pavers are Designed to Connect™, making it easy to create incredible hardscapes outside your home in Ottawa. For example:

  • You can mix and match styles to create a unique space – for example, you can create an outdoor kitchen suitable for your culinary adventures or an attractive water feature for a beautiful focal point.
  • Boring patios become uniquely yours when you incorporate borders and banding around pavers and retaining walls for elegant outdoor entertaining.
  • You can design walkways using a mixture of patio paver products that make up our popular EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes collection to create a cohesive look that brings all the elements of your outdoor designs together.

Additionally, we back all of our products with a Transferrable Lifetime Guarantee which protects your investment in the unlikely event you ever have a problem, as long as it was properly installed and maintained according to our guidelines.


So, if you’re ready to put your personal stamp on any outdoor living area around your home in Ottawa, ON, turn to Unilock. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about our patio paver products, and connect you with a Unilock Authorized Contractor for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Unilock for Patio Pavers in Ottawa

Unilock is a leading manufacturer of patio pavers. We are a company that offers high-quality pavers for patios, driveways, as well as walkways. Our products are designed to last a lifetime. They can be installed in any climate, on all types of soil, and even over existing concrete or brick. The result is an outdoor product that looks great, lasts longer than other brands, and will not crack or fade.

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Unilock Patio Paver Contractors in Ottawa, Ontario

We want the best for our clients. Unilock offers top-notch goods and services all throughout Ottawa. Our certified professional contractor can help you transform your existing deck into something beautiful, maintenance-free, and even add some extra features for your outdoor spaces.

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The Advantages of Pavers for a Patio

There are several reasons why you should consider paving your patio with paver stones instead of building a brick or concrete patio. The first reason is that they are easier to install than traditional patio materials such as bricks and cement. This means that if you have never installed pavers before, then you can still enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful patio without any experience installing them.

Paver stones also provide an attractive appearance to your patio. If you want to make your patio look like a garden, then you should use pavers. They will give your patio a natural feel while at the same time making it look very elegant. You can even add plants to your patio so that it looks like a real garden.

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Paver Patios

Your outdoor spaces will immediately be enhanced with pavers. Patio pavers can be used to create beautiful outdoor spaces for entertaining and enhance your yard by adding stylish fire features, grills, decorative stone retaining walls, and functional seating walls.

Paver Walkways

Pavers are both functional and beautiful. They're perfect for outdoor spaces. You should consider using paver stones for your entrance walkways because they offer an opportunity to enhance your landscaping and highlight your personal style.

Paver Driveways

A paver stone driveway is a great choice to enhance your home's beauty and elegance, whether you are installing your first driveway or remodeling. Paver driveways may make your curb edge stand out. Opposite to cement driveways, which have few color possibilities, paver driveways come in a wide range of shades and mixes to match the exterior and landscaping of your home.


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