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5 Patio Designs for Your Franklin Lakes, NJ Hardscaping

A patio is the continuation of a home’s interior living space, bridging the gap to the outside world. For more and more NJ homeowners, patios are being thought of as an additional room, adding truly useable square footage for comfort and recreation. Patios today are as varied in style as the homeowners who use them and their functions span widely across function, beauty, and pure luxury. Here we take a look at 5 popular patio rooms found in Franklin Lakes, NJ, Wayne, NJ, and the surrounding NJ communities.

Covered Patio

Whether an ivy covered pergola, a retractable awning with outdoor shade fabric, or bamboo latticework, covered patios offer the advantage of providing shade while still being able to enjoy the open air relaxation. Wooden structures like pergolas and gazebos remain most popular today, despite their need for regular maintenance. With many style options available, as well as overhead retractable shade solutions to choose from, pergolas are certainly the workhorse of covered patios in the NJ region. Leave them bare for a modern look, or plant climbing and creeping vines for a rustic, country feel, either way overhead shade structures look great overtop bluestone, flagstone, or concrete paver patios. On-demand shade is a trending element in outdoor living today, and both pergolas with shades and retractable awnings fit the bill.

Natural Stone Patio

Natural stone patios combine indoor comforts, earthy textures, and the pleasure of being outdoors. From bluestone to textured sandstone, natural stone comes in a wide variety of styles to match your function and style needs. Traditionally, however, selecting natural stone for your home’s hardscaping meant that you’d be faced with a few challenges. Because bluestone and flagstone is naturally quarried, often there is a lack of consistency in thickness and color, in addition to sourcing and availability concerns. For many NJ homeowners, however, these challenges aren’t too much to deal with in order to get the beauty of natural stone for their patio. If you have a project your planning for now, be sure to learn about Natural Stone by Unilock here. It’s all the beauty of natural stone with the consistency, quality, and reliability of concrete pavers.

Concrete Paver Patio

Concrete pavers provide an excellent, and often more affordable, alternative to natural stone. Concrete pavers like those manufactured by Unilock in Brewster, NY are durable and resistant to the thaw-freeze cycle of Franklin Lakes’ winter months. Available in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, and colors, concrete pavers over design versatility and durability second to none. To begin your paver patio today, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor in the Wayne/Franklin Lakes, NJ area today.

Outdoor Fireplace Room

Outdoor living rooms are a hot and trending landscaping addition that brings the comforts of indoor living—couches, recliners, and even TV—outside to the backyard. Whether detached from the main house or built right outside the double sliders, an outdoor living room often contains a fireplace for ambience and entertainment. Available in traditional wood-burning models, as well as gas-fired, outdoor fireplaces bring the family together and really extends boundaries of your home.
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Outdoor Kitchen Patio

If you’re an avid griller or a pizza aficionado, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect landscape space for entertaining guests while also preparing food. Outdoor kitchens today are often fully outfitted with professional-grade grills, chicken rotisseries, outdoor fridges, sinks and running water, and even outdoor pizza ovens. Owning an outdoor kitchen makes every meal feel like a special weekend or vacation getaway.
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