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Patio Design: Putting the Finishing Details on Your Hempstead, NY Hardscaping

With the many patio design options available today, it’s very easy to get caught up spending countless hours planning and researching. From lavish front entryways to retaining walls and pathways, the process can become overwhelming. Often during the process, the simplest details are overlooked. This all-too-often occurrence can stand between you and the enjoyment you receive from your home’s patio area. Put the finishing details on your outdoor living space to create a true extension of your Hempstead, NY home.

Brighten the Area for Nighttime Enjoyment

During the landscape design phase, many homeowners don’t see the importance of incorporating adequate lighting so the patio can be enjoyed when the sun goes down. There are many outdoor lighting fixtures that work well with hardscape design. Incorporate lights into retaining walls with a small fixture under the capstone. These lights cast a glow that creates a safer, soft lit area for all to enjoy. Stings of LED lights can be draped on patio coverings like pergolas for an elegant and functional appearance. For an integrated, timeless look, incorporate post lamps in larger spaces.

Create Adequate Seating

Built-in seating offers an easy-to-maintain solution to providing adequate seating without taking up large amounts of space. Consider seat walls which can be installed around the perimeter of the patio or even adjacent to outdoor fireplaces. Double-sided retaining wall products like Unilock’s Rivenstone is a perfect material for creating inviting seating features. Incorporating this type of seating design can be challenging to imagine, so be sure to contact a qualified landscape contractor. To get a free estimate for your Hempstead, NY patio design project, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor by visiting this page.

Add a Fireplace for a Cozy Atmosphere

If you have not already considered the benefits of adding an outdoor fireplace to your patio, now may be a great time to do. While there are no set rules to determining the size of your outdoor fireplace, it’s a great idea to consider the overall size of the area in which it will be placed. Many of the prebuilt options on the market today are fairly large in size, so be sure to size the patio accordingly. Check out a Unilock fireplace unit for more inspiration. For a more modest fire feature solution, consider the Rivencrest fire pit by Unilock.

Incorporate Paver Banding for a “rug-like” feel

Including banding effects in your patio design is an ideal way to add sophisticated detailing to the look and feel of your finished project. Choose pavers that complement one another while offering contrasting shapes and textures. Design elements like a double border around the perimeter of the patio, a “rug-like” inlay pattern in front of the outdoor fireplace, and inset designs in retaining walls can add a boost in style and really make your patio unique and special.
Minding the finer details of your hardscape design is important for project success. For great inspiration, visit the Unilock gallery page here. To begin your project’s design, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor near Hempstead, NY for a free estimate today.

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