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Patio Design Ideas for Fairfield, CT Homeowners

If you’re looking for ways to make you Fairfield, CT outdoor space unique, check out these patio design ideas that feature the latest in outdoor living trends.

Whether you are thinking of an elegant space built for great outdoor entertaining or just a modest retreat where you can connect with nature while doing some yoga; it’s possible to create a patio to fit your budget, lifestyle and home. What’s more, as outdoor living spaces continue to become increasingly popular, they are also morphing into luxurious outdoor ‘living rooms.’ From comfy chairs to state of the art entertainment systems, today’s patio isn’t just a place for grilling up hot dogs and burgers; it is a way for people to enjoy their outdoor space in comfort and style. Here are a few of the top patio design ideas for Fairfield, CT residents.

Patio Container Gardens

Container gardens, or patio gardens as they are sometimes called, are very popular as of late because they are small and easy to enjoy as a close extension of your home. There are countless ways to create an easy-to-maintain container garden using vegetables, herbs, or flowering perennials. For instance, native plants that require minimal maintenance and attract beneficial insects seem to be in vogue as younger homeowners yearn to get closer to nature so to speak. How you design and build your container garden matters just as much as the materials you use, so be sure to research the best plant choices for the Fairfield, CT climate or as get in touch with a Unilock Authorized Contractor for help.

Outdoor Kitchens

It used to be that outdoor kitchens consisted of merely a bag of charcoal, a barbecue, and lighter fluid when the weather permitted. But times have changed. Today, outdoor kitchens have transformed into private backyard retreats fully equipped to entertain friends and family. Plus, just because you don’t have a huge yard, doesn’t mean that an outdoor gourmet experience is out of the question. For one, many grill manufactures are offerings grills under two feet wide. What’s more, some of these grills feature five interchangeable grates that include a pancake maker and a pizza stone. Lastly, you can also embellish your outdoor kitchen with an overhead pergola and shade fabric. Not only will this add protection from the sun, but it will also inject pattern and color creating a relaxed ambiance for your eating space. Whether you dream of a full-service outdoor kitchen for your patio space or a single built-in grill station, consult an expert such as a Unilock Authorized Contractor for professional design and installation services.

Outdoor Living Spaces

What you do you want and need as a Fairfield, CT homeowner? A place to relax? Space to entertain? Room for play? You can designate the best spot in your yard for each of your needs. Contemporary patio design ideas aim to create stylish yet functional outdoor spaces. From spacious terraces to small balcony designs; comfy couches, colorful rugs, and innovative lighting are being used to transform ordinary spaces into the ultimate entertainment and relaxation paradise. Think of your outdoor space the same way you think about your indoor; each area has a distinct purpose. By extending the usable space in your home by installing a patio, you not only add value to your home but the resulting aesthetic appeal is also stunning. Experts recommend adding an overhead structure as a great way to maximize the value of the patio as it allows the use of your outdoor living space for more time each year.

Fireplace and Fire Pits

Over the recent years, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits have grown considerably in popularity. In fact, most patio design ideas include some type of fire feature. Ranging from the simple hole-in-the-ground kind of fire pit to the more appealing and popular outdoor fireplace like the per-built Unilock Tuscany Fireplace, there is no arguing that outdoor fireplaces and fire pits add a touch of drama to backyard spaces. Fire pits provide a warm gathering place for friends and family. Additionally, they also extend the outdoor season by several months in areas with cold months like Fairfield, CT. All that function aside, perhaps the best part of having an outdoor fire feature in your patio design is that it provides a perfect focal point for any outdoor room. Check out some fire pits and fireplaces here for more inspiration.

Concrete Pavers

Picture this; large format, naturally textured squares and rectangles laid in a random pattern with wide bands of contrasting pavers for visual interest and style. Needless to say, when it comes to creating the perfect patio, concrete pavers are a major part of the design. Get more design ideas here on what materials to use, shapes, colors, and design possibilities.

Patio Furniture

From hammocks to daybeds and canopies, there are many stylish ways to decorate your patio while adding comfort. With only a few pieces of furniture, you can create a serene and relaxing space in your very own Fairfield backyard. For example, consider pairing a simple chair with a low coffee table and a woven patio rug to create a calming retreat. You can also throw in some flowers for a more natural atmosphere. Slim folding chairs are also popular for outdoor furnishing as they don’t take up much space yet are comfortable for long summer nights. Just keep in mind that furniture built from certain woods such as fir, pine, and oak need protection from the elements.

Lighting to Add Ambience

You can easily create an intimate setting for your patio by incorporating a candle chandelier or a landscape lighting system. Additionally, experts recommend adding a splash of colors and bold patterns to further enhance the lighting and create a warm and relaxing hangout area for friends and family.

As homeowners continue to find additional ways to spend more time outdoors, the demand for stylish yet functional patios has been on a rise over the last decade. And while some homeowners may find it economically wise to undertake a DIY patio installation, you should know that being able to turn patio design ideas into the final product takes skill and experience better left for professionals.

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