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Pair Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Wood-Burning Fireplace in Mendham, NJ

Pair Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Wood-Burning Fireplace in Mendham, NJ


For outdoor spaces to truly feel like outdoor rooms, they need welcoming elements that make people linger, lounge, and hang out. When creating an outdoor kitchen in Mendham, New Jersey, one of the best ways to extend its use and create a full room feeling is to add a wood-burning fireplace. There are numerous styles to choose from to best complement your design and which will have family and friends gathering any time of day or evening.


Deciding on a Fireplace

First, carefully think about the type of fireplace you want to create. A traditional fireplace, with tall mantel and chimney, is a great choice for creating a cozy living space that will really extend your summer season into the spring and fall. Consider building out a partial roof or covering to allow for more weather-flexible use. Cozy chairs and places to rest drinks—and feet—at the end of a long day are a great addition to the space. Shorter mantels flanking the central fireplace are a good option for adding storage for firewood, and surfaces to extend the mantel. Placing a few flickering candles or interesting sculptural pieces on the mantels helps make the outdoor space feel as cozy as an indoor room. Unilock offers a wide range of modular outdoor fireplace design options to help you match your wood-burning fireplace to the style of your home or landscape. For a traditional, European, or Mediterranean look, consider the Tuscany or Barcelona models. The Moda option is ideal for a modern, contemporary setting, and the Bella fireplace is perfect for adding rich textures to a modern hardscape, or bold shapes to a traditional setting.


Choosing Materials

Material selection can easily tie the fireplace into the rest of your outdoor kitchen, so it’s important to consider the integration early in the design process. While an elegant wooden loggia and warm sandy colored pavers are a classic design choice, a fireplace designed with the right elements can complement even the most modern designs. Unilock Richcliff pavers have a modern yet elegantly embossed texture, making it the ideal patio paver to complement a Rivercrest Wall fireplace. For unbeatable visual warmth, consider Copthorne pavers for your outdoor kitchen flooring to match Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


Deciding Between a Fire Pit and Fireplace

If you are planning on spending more time relaxing with the big game or an evening movie, but want to enjoy a beautiful spring evening, consider the more open design of a fire pit. With a fire pit centralized like a coffee table, a television can be mounted on a wall bordering the patio, allowing you to enjoy modern entertainment in an outdoor environment.

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Other Fire Features

In addition to fireplaces, consider how other fire elements can enhance the area. If you don’t have space for a large fireplace, but want the option to cozy up with a book or roast marshmallows with the kids, a round fire pit offers plenty of flexibility. Surround it with cozy chairs or build a complementing curved bench around it.

Another idea is to mirror or complement a fireplace with a fire feature elsewhere in your outdoor kitchen or patio. If you’re considering building wall dividers to break up your space, a glass wrapped fire sculpture, or even a two-sided fire feature cut into the wall is a great way to add warmth and a stunning visual element.

Consider visiting the Unilock Outdoor Idea Center to get more inspiration on all of the options available for incorporating a welcoming fireplace or fire feature into your backyard oasis.

The title image features a Copthorne patio and outdoor kitchen with Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


Pair Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Wood-Burning Fireplace in Mendham, NJ

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