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Three ways to transform your NJ patio into a comfortable outdoor living space

Water feature and outdoor living in Franklin Lakes, NJ
Patios should be far more than a pleasant place to sip your morning coffee. They should be alive and inviting. The mere thought of going outside should create a mental picture of paradise. Working with an Authorized Contractor in Franklin Lakes, NJ and the surrounding areas, it is very possible to create a backyard patio area that becomes a true extension of your home’s livable space. But only when you add some key details into the design.
Perhaps you have some of the basics of a great patio; a bit of shade, a few comfortable chairs—a decent start. But with that, your patio area may resemble all the other patios in the neighborhood. What is it exactly that’s lacking in the design? How can you make it truly special? The difference is usually in the details. Let’s have a look at three features you can include in your outdoor living design, elevating your Franklin Lakes, NJ area home to the next level.
outdoor fireplaces and fire pits in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Warm things up with a Fire Feature

The variety of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces on the market today is enormous, so be sure to narrow things down using a theme or design style preference. If you are drawn to the clean lines of modern features, consider working with your landscape contractor to build a square fire pit out of Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall. With a custom design, you are free to create the shape and size that best compliments your home. You can choose a larger fire area, and or a larger seating area. To continue the modern look and feel, consider using a gas powered flame—it’s much easier to use than traditional wood burning models and offers a nice modern touch.
For a more country look, check out one of the Unilock Pre-Built Outdoor Fireplaces with touches of classic design stylings. Or let your imagination go wild and create a Tuscany style brick and stucco dome feature. No matter the style, outdoor fire features offer even heat and cozy comfort to outdoor living spaces.

Bring Magical Sounds with a Water Feature

What better way is there to drown out unwanted noises or simply inject a much-needed sense of tranquility than to add the sound of running water? The sound of trickling water is soothing, perhaps healing, to our inner beings. Water is one of the most popular additions to patios and is available as fountains, waterfalls, and water gardens.
When you picture waterfalls or a Koi pond, you no doubt envision massive amounts of work and maintenance. That is no longer true. There are beautiful water features available today that have a relatively small footprint and don’t require much upkeep. Consider complementing the moving water with the muted, earthy hues of Natural Stone by Unilock and a naturalistic retaining wall stone such as Rivercrest. The color combinations available within the Unilock product line are a great fit for Franklin Lakes, NJ and the surrounding areas.
For more inspiration and outdoor living ideas, check out the Unilock catalog here or click below.
Unilock-Thornbury-Patio-2016-Catalog - Franklin Lakes, NJ

Bring the Intimacy of Food with an Outdoor Kitchen

Breaking bread as they say, is still one of the best ways to spend time together with friends and family. Food is not only used to bond new friendships but to celebrate the long-lasting ones. With advances in outdoor kitchen cabinetry, gas grills, special appliances like pizza ovens, and concrete paving stones and wall systems, outdoor kitchens today rival their indoor counterparts in terms of style and function. Consider including an “L” shaped outdoor kitchen on the edge of your patio, allowing guest to sit at one side of the bar counter while the outdoor chef prepares a casual, yet delicious meal for the crowd. Allow a Unilock Authorized Contractor to visit your Franklin Lakes, NJ area home for a free estimate.
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