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Why Outdoor Kitchens are the Perfect Last Minute Investment for Summer in New Hampshire

Summer is synonymous with outdoor entertainment, whether it’s a casual family get-together or dining outdoors with friends. An outdoor kitchen is a must-have inclusion for summer and it’s not too late to add one to your New Hampshire outdoor area. Having a place to cook outdoors is a good summertime investment. Here are some reasons why.

Great for Entertaining

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect space for entertaining. Food is grilled out on the patio as guests gather around the BBQ and socialize while dinner is being prepared. Indoor kitchens may get crowded when everyone hangs out with the cook, but in an outdoor kitchen space is limited only by the size of your yard. Comfort can be increased by adding patio heaters, strings of lights, outdoor furnishings, and some mood music.

Expands Living Space

You don’t need to add a room with walls and a roof to extend your living space; the space you already have on your back porch can act as a living space too with the right alterations. With a Unilock patio, you are all set to bring out the appliances, put up some counters and seating space and have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. With an outdoor kitchen, you and your family and friends can celebrate birthdays and holidays in style, or just enjoy the great outdoors.

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Improves the Taste of Healthier Food

Not only does outdoor kitchen grilling enhance the taste of food, but cooking this way is also better for your waistline. More fat drips off meat when cooked on a grill than when frying in a pan. The end result is healthier food that contains fewer calories from fat. Great news for steak connoisseurs and burger aficionados!

Allows Cooking that Can’t be Done Indoors and Keeps Smells Outside

Certain kinds of cooking are best done outdoors, such as smoking large cuts of meat or deep-frying a turkey. These kinds of tasks require space, produce a lot of smoke and can also get messy. Some foods, particularly fatty meats, produce an aroma that lingers for some days after cooking. This can be undesirable indoors; however, when cooking outdoors, the aroma is free to waft through the neighborhood to make passersby and neighbors jealous. For this reason, an outdoor kitchen is perfect for keeping the mess and aroma outdoors.

Increases Value of Your Home

Because of the popularity of this type of home improvement, homes fetch higher prices when outdoor kitchens are included. Outdoor kitchens are also good investments in the value of your home as they offer a permanent feature that will last for decades, especially since most BBQ grills and other outdoor kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel, enabling them to withstand the changing seasons.

Complements Other Outdoor Areas

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent accompaniment to outdoor dining areas, providing more convenience than having to carry trays of food from your indoor kitchen. It’s also a good place to cook up a snack when entertaining guests at your outdoor bar or pool area.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved with Copthorne pavers with Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.

Why Outdoor Kitchens are the Perfect Last Minute Investment for Summer in New Hampshire

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