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The Outdoor Fireplace: Heart of the Westchester County, NY, Backyard

Wintertime romance and family closeness go hand-in-hand with the warmth of the roaring blaze of a fireplace, and while this feature is typically within the home itself, more and more homeowners are choosing to incorporate the feature into their outdoor landscaping plans. Unilock offers high quality materials to ensure that the appearance of your outdoor fireplace reflects the style and quality of your Westchester County, NY, backyard. Here are some options for adding the crackle, warmth, and beauty of a fire to your landscape:

Brussels Dimensional System

Whatever the construction, if it rises vertically, the Brussels Dimensional System is an excellent multi-size tapered system that will provide sound and lasting results. With a weathered texture and color options that allow for versatile complements, it’s easy to see why this option from Unilock is a popular one. The shades specific to the area of Westchester County include Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Limestone, New York Blend, Sandstone, Sierra, and Terra Cotta. Matching coping completes the system and allows for a uniform construction, although the Brussels Dimensional System also allows for other combinations, as well as accents or statement-making designs. Unilock also offers a selection of pre-built fireplaces including the Tuscany and Barcelona fireplaces featuring this vibrant wall unit.

The title image features an outdoor fireplace and pillars built from Brussels Dimensional System with Copthorne accents.


Estate Wall

Inspiring and majestic, Estate Wall provides a multi-unit system for a remarkable project. Because of its weathered texture and the multiple shades that are available, Estate Wall units promise to create an outdoor fireplace capable of complementing many different styles of home. The specific shades available include Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra, and Walnut. Estate Wall is ideal for creating custom designs with an old world natural rock appearance or antique charm.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

For lovers of modern architecture, Lineo Dimensional Stone provides a smooth texture and homage to the linear, clean look of modern minimalism. Limestone, Almond Grove, and Sierra compose Lineo Dimensional Stone’s inter-complementary color options. This series works well when used as both an accent and primary unit. It can also be paired stunningly with units such as Series as an accent band or pop of contrast. An outdoor fireplace made with this material fits within a contemporary yards as well as other design styles and contribute both warmth and simple, understated elegance.

Rivercrest Wall

Stacked flagstone has a special sort of charm that is difficult to recreate, but Rivercrest Wall succeeds in doing so with outstanding results. Inspired by natural stone, this series has superbly realistic texture, multiple units for a random layout, and two color option, both of which are naturally inspired. These color options consist of Coastal Slate and Buff. This popular offering from Unilock is appropriate for multiple projects within your Westchester County backyard. Your backyard fireplace will pair a classic aesthetic with cutting edge concrete technology in this feature. Rivercrest Wall is ideal for contributing to a rustic, naturalistic theme, but is also perfect for adding a textured finishing touch to an otherwise sleek and modern backyard.

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The Outdoor Fireplace: Heart of the Westchester County, NY, Backyard

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