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Outdoor Fireplace Design Trends You Can Start Using Now in New Rochelle, NY

Outdoor Fireplace Design Trends You Can Start Using Now in New Rochelle, NY


Fireplaces make great additions to outdoor living areas. Whether incorporated into an outdoor kitchen, tucked under a loggia or pavilion, or a standalone as an end-cap to a seating area, there are many uses and design options for how to include an outdoor fireplace in your New Rochelle, New York, backyard.


Pre-Built Designs From Rustic to Modern

Incorporating a fireplace into a kitchen unit allows for additional warmth on cool days, and also provides a cozy gathering point for guests, while keeping everyone together during meal prep. A traditional fireplace adjacent to the kitchen area that carries over the same materials as the kitchen walls and surfaces will help the whole area feel like a unified outdoor room. Whatever your landscape design style, Unilock has multiple distinctive outdoor fireplace designs, from rustic to modern, for the perfect fireplace area. For a more modern home, the sleek horizontal profile of the Moda, built with Lineo Dimensional Stone makes a striking design feature.

For a more traditional stacked flagstone style fireplace, the prebuilt Bella Fireplace, built from Rivercrest Wall has a great rustic ambience, perfect for any outdoor space. Paired with dark wood furniture or even a roofed structure, it is a truly timeless and natural style.

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The Tuscany and Barcelona designs reflect traditional European and Mediterranean design values and are ideal for adding old-world charm and character to your outdoor area. These stunning features are both constructed from Brussels Dimensional System wall units, giving them the charm and character of quarried stone blocks. Copthorne accents add detail to the Tuscany design, while the Barcelona design features Umbriano detailing.


Double-Sided Fireplaces as Room Dividers

A double-sided fireplace is a great visual focal point, and helps to create the feeling of separation between outdoor rooms without creating a solid barrier. The see-through element keeps the wall airy, but allows for enjoyment in separate areas. Consider placing it between a dining space and a casual gathering of cozy chairs for reading or conversation. Long, narrow stone designs, help to give the impression of a lower height, keeping the element non-obtrusive but visually appealing. Similarly, a shorter wall with a fire sculpture wrapped in glass is a creative way to break up space. Both the Unilock U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System and Rivercrest Wall offer a great modern base to a stunning double-sided fire feature.



Flexible wall systems are also great for creating cozy built-in seating around a fireplace, creating a retaining, or standalone, seat wall. The L-shape of a permanent bench offers solid back support, and for a cozy finish, add lush, cozy cushions. Built-in seating is a great way to create more intimate gathering spaces throughout your landscape design. To ensure utmost comfort for your guests, a suitable coping option should be selected. Unilock offers a number of ideal options, ranging in appearance, to suit your design and personal tastes. Ledgestone coping, for example, is available in both natural edge and fullnose, and offers definite rugged elegance. Alternatively, you can opt for Brussels Fullnose, which is available in a wide range of color options.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall double-sided fireplace.


Outdoor Fireplace Design Trends You Can Start Using Now in New Rochelle, NY


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